In principle, this should not have come as no surprise, but for me it is still phenomenal – on New York's Fifth Avenue, where the iconic Apple store, formed the first queue for the successor of iPhone 5s.

photo. CNBC

As reported by CNBC service under the said shop already gathered five people (since the publication of that text a lot could change). One of the pairs in the queue – Brian Cebello and Joseph Cruz – decided to beat the record of roughing it in the Apple Store, which is 18 days.

photo. Dan Benton

This time, in contrast to what took place during the WWDC in June, Apple's expectations in the shop can actually make sense, because all the signs in the sky indicate that the September 9th will be announced the new iPhone. It is also worth noting that the first place in line for the store just before the launch of the new device are really valuable and you can sell them maniacs for a few thousand dollars. Source: CNBC via iClarified