Although commonly adopted that eating chips does not affect most preferably on our health and physical condition, the people who use the Internet packet Orange should apologize as soon as possible with this snack. Especially that this pleasure can be combined with the acquisition of free data packets.

photo. Orange

From September 1st in packs of Lays chips find special codes that allow for obtaining free internet packages in the promotion "Free 24-hour". Dispatch acquired a combination of numbers and letters under the number 80409 allows for 100 MB of free internet. Bonus can utilize up to 23:59:59 on the activation of the package and billing data is held every 50 kb. Internet Security gained within that promotion are used as the first, ie. Obtained through the supercharger are settled in a subsequent order. The offer is addressed to the holders of all tariffs on Orange card, including Zetafonów and Minutofonów. The promotion is valid from 1 September to 30 November and its rules can read here . Source: Orange