Today started in Poland program free replacement of defective batteries in selected iPhones 5 is not yet known how the action will take place in our country, but abroad receives signals that it is colorful.

iPhone 5 photo. Apple

One of the members of Queensland in Australia complained that despite qualify for the program (based on the serial number), the battery of his devices "is not even close" is uprawniającemu for a free replacement. In return, the Apple Store proposed to make the same service, but charge $ 99. Fact another user, after visiting any Apple Store in San Francisco, he learned that although the serial number of the iPhone also qualifies it for a free replacement battery shop does not stock spare battery and you will have to report when these will be provided. Then you will have to leave the unit for 3-5 days to service able to carry out extensive testing, are you sure the equipment is suitable for repair. Proposal is one – is that your serial number qualifies you to receive a new battery, do not mean that in fact it will be replaced. However, if you meet all the requirements, and the battery will be available in the living room, the repair should be done on the spot, and – from what I report the forums users – take about 30 minutes (although Apple does not indicate a specific time of the service). Check on this page if available in your iPhone 5 battery is eligible for replacement. If so, go to any Apple Authorized Service Provider in Poland, where a check here . Source: reddit , cultofmac