Android KitKat fighting for their place in the market since October last year. It's been almost a year and the system is not able to dominate the statistics kept by the manufacturer. Yes, many users still waiting for an update of your system, and most received it only in the last quarter of this year, but as it turns out, this version is for the elect, not everyone will be able to install it on their devices.

Source: Google

Kitkat 4.4 gained popularity at 20%. It's still very little, but in recent months, the rate was nearly half of today's value-June the system was installed on 13% of devices. Google certainly is not neutral, this result is again the result of sales of the new system, so you do not have something to boast. All through cooperation with manufacturers of electronic equipment, which was to be developed at a better level. The most popular continues to be Android Jelly Bean, up 54.2% Android users have just this version of the system. Less than one percent of users continue to use the system 2.2 Froyo, which premiered in May 2010 Statistics were performed by the same manufacturer Google, based on log on to the Google Play Store. Older systems like Froyo does not support the application store, and therefore could not be included in the statistics. In a moment we will see a new edition of the Android OS is L, I wonder how the situation will look like. And you what do you use the system? Source: , Google via PhoneArena