Big Brother is watching. The various agencies collecting personal information closely guarded, we accidentally did something wrong, which will expose the compromised our security. At least that was supposed to be in concept, but in most cases, surveillance is used to a broad espionage. It is said that by 2016. NSA will watch all internet users. At a time when even televisions and computers on-board vehicles have access to a global network, the prospect seems to be frightening …

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NSA (National Security Agency) is an American intelligence organization, whose mission is, among others, coordinating the electronic surveillance. NSA intercepts and analyzes the data of foreign countries in the field of radio, telephone, modem and activity of all kinds of radar and guidance systems of missiles. Basis for the NSA spy infrastructure is considered to Echelon system. The seat is Fort Meade NSA, five miles from the town of Laurel, Maryland. The building covers an area of ​​260 hectares and is supervised there is a global network of surveillance sources of emissions of electromagnetic waves.

We see you

But the NSA has to collect information not only on persons who pose a potential threat to the security of the United States. Under surveillance are also citizens of the United States and even other countries – before the NSA virtually impossible to hide. If the agency wants to get information about a particular person, it is only a matter of time before it happens. Already in 2010. Services NSA developed techniques which change Facebook in global intelligence tool. In cooperation with the FBI, the agencies have developed mechanisms to track our activity on the biggest social networking site in the world – our conversations, descriptions, photos, posts and added the IP addresses from which they combine. All this would – if necessary – you can find us quickly. Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly insisted that he knew nothing about the activities of services, but that's probably just a smokescreen. Otherwise, why it would be difficult to remove your profile on Facebook? Even more worrying are the revelations of the British "The Guardian", according to which the NSA could and still can inwigilować Internet using potholed mobile applications. At a time when we are connected to Network virtually 24 hours / day, and many operations (calls, purchases or bank transfers) are made from a smartphone, it should not be a surprise. If the NSA really wants to have an eye on us, this phone is a perfect medium. Surprisingly while the information that tracking Internet users was done with … popular game "Angry Birds"!

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Although it seems absurd in suggestions "Guardian" can be a lot of truth. Of course, the authorities of the United States is not interested in our results in "Angry Birds", so this application was to be the only gate through which the NSA goes to our smartphone. After installing the game, intelligence agency to start already has two important information: the type of operating system and phone model. Obtaining other, more advanced, however, is not a problem. Age, sex, location data, sexual orientation, credit card number – all this can be read on the basis of the information available on the phone. All this may be useful for the NSA, if you happen to be a terrorist – but why raise them from ordinary citizens? Well, after that the NSA had confidence that a terrorist rzeczonym sure you're not. Google, Facebook and other companies in any way connected with the NSA media are doing what seems the most obvious – deny that such practices had ever undertaken. A similar tactic also peeled Rovio, which swears that American intelligence has nothing to do.

Cobweb under control

Mobile applications are one thing, because you can always just get a smartphone, or be careful what information you provide for his help, but the Internet is already a much more serious matter. It seems that soon the entire global network will be under the control of "Spider". American secret services constantly developing its capacity computer. In mid-2013. Connected to the Internet a huge server room able Utach, which constantly brought in additional equipment. Capacity of the disk is debated by industry experts, but really is about. 12 exabytes (12 million terabytes). It is in such places are stored data on Internet users. There are many more (mostly in the United States), and the NSA is planning to open new branches. American intelligence services now have the resources to enable continuous collection of data on all the connections on the Internet and at least temporary storage of all displayed content.

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That's not all, because of the NSA supports many other agencies and organizations from around the world. For a long time it is known that the British agency GCHQ keeps track of information sent by a transatlantic cables. Also broken security cable interfaces SEA-ME-WE 3, linking Europe and Asia, which manages the Belgian company BICS (owned mobile operator Belgacom). NSA, which has access to these cables is thus able to capture calls and Internet from all over Europe. Some of the methods used by the NSA has been considerable controversy because of the level of calculation. Such is undoubtedly the U.S. cooperation with FISC – the court, which makes various ISPs and IT companies to cooperate with the NSA. Under the injunctions already caved biggest players – Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, who offer cloud services that really do not protect users. Thanks tampering with these companies, the NSA has access to track citizens also from the applications they offer. Surveillance of Internet users at a level that we know now, is not sufficient NSA. The confirmation of this thesis is a document "SIGINT Strategy", which clearly sets the target of the NSA for 2016 years: Collect all possible information on all non-stop. This applies to all – even the smallest and most absurd activity on the Internet. NSA supposedly already has the tools available to carry out such operations, and the only matter of time before their full implementation. Agency can prevent two issues: unsympathetic politicians and the degree of data encryption. What politicians fear is probably justified, because it is commonly believed that they will not be able to keep up with the development of computerized, so decrees passed by them will be the end beneficial to the NSA. Any plans to limit the action of the NSA are rather conservative and not very doubtful that President Obama has decided to introduce them. Probably the best way to avoid mass surveillance is strong data encryption. Commercial firewalls and security programs or organizations against intrusion by third parties to our private data are getting better. But the NSA still armed to Cryptology technologies have not developed too much while working on ever more sophisticated tools obchodzącymi encryption method. Almost the entire IT industry is subordinate to the guidelines of NIST, mainly because they are binding on American administrations. Tips NIST determine the usefulness of encryption tools and algorithms used by them. But since one of the main tasks of the NSA is to protect the American cyberspace, NIST unofficially subject intelligence agency. Revelations of Edward Snowden has shown that random number generator Dual-EC-DRBG has a security gate for fast breaking encryption. Everything is done to facilitate the NSA to spy on Internet users.

Absolute Control

To defend against the NSA, you would have to enter the encryption of all Internet traffic. By this approach made sense, it would be necessary to carry out the revision of cryptographic standards, at least within the European Union, and probably around the world. On the Old Continent could make this institution ENISA, which issues recommendations encryption methods in Europe. However, there is no assurance that the tentacles of the NSA does not extend to ENISA. Can be drawn from this simple conclusion: the availability of appropriate algorithms is not everything, it is equally important as their widespread use. Ongoing surveillance is a sign of our times. On the one hand, each defends his privacy, but on the other – delving more and more into the development of social networks, we lose our independence. Unfortunately, it looks like the world today. It is difficult to manage the voluntary replacement of analog phones and smartphones completely cut off from the Internet. Parents buy their kids smartphones as "electronic leashes" to have their children constantly on the eye. It's funny, but we can all have a similar leash … you became interested article? See also other manic columns .