Roaming is recently very popular topic among politicians and telecom operators. A little over a month ago, we witnessed a significant price reduction for calls outside the boundaries of their native country, and today we received the announcement of further measures aimed at reducing the cost of international calls.


As explained in an official statement of the European Commission, on roaming charges in the European Union are to be completely abolished by 2016 years u As stated representatives of the Brussels institutions, the elimination of these fees greatly facilitate business enterprises operating in several EU countries, and the GDP of the entire community through this project will be able to steadily grow by 1% per year. An additional incentive to abolish roaming is also to be able to create a common telecommunications infrastructure and hence the chance to offer our clients a better quality of data transmission. The proposed changes will certainly reluctant representatives mobile who openly state that it is from roaming fees funded projects modernize transmission and invest in new technologies. It seems, however, that the EU Directive will enter into force as early as two years and we will be able to enjoy conversations, SMS messages and data at no additional charge. Source: European Commission