In the network appeared the smart watch concept from Microsoft, developed by Nadir Aslam. It builds on the previous rumors regarding functionality. The equipment has to work with Windows Phone, iOS and Android. [Nggallery id = 964 template = techmaniak] If you believe the rumors, Microsoft's SmartWatch will stand up very interesting possibilities. First of all, the device will be compatible with your operating system Windows Phone, iOS and Google Android. The equipment has all the time to monitor your heart rate – in the night and day. In turn, the battery has to offer your watch for two days. In addition to the equipment not miss the accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, and WiFi. Of course you will be able to use voice assistant Cortana, Xbox Music, navigation, and notifications. Appearance SmartWatch really to my liking, as it resembles a stylish watch that you can take anywhere, and functionality to any person not withdraw from the competition. Like this you? Source: