Everyone wants to have their own smart watch. No wonder, since it will soon be the season's coolest gadget – this or the next. Or else the next. Maybe, if we have someone proves that the formation of this type of equipment does not make sense. Or will your Apple iWatch and the place will enchant the crowd. Or maybe you should direct your gaze towards other, less "obvious" producers? There are many indications that your SmartWatch plans to release the HP and in many ways it will be a unique device.

SmartWatch HP promises to be sensational

Looking at the current condition of smart watches, it is difficult to imagine that in a few months or a few of these devices to hit the sales. Timers cooperating with smartphones and forming an extension of the functionality of today are dubious, not to say repulsive, beauty, and in addition, most do not have their own character. Just look at Sony SmartWatch 2 or Samsung Gear 2, to conclude that they are closer to the bazaar Cheap Models, and not a luxury add-dress. New life in the segment of smart watches can breathe Motorola Moto 360 with a round, classic envelope. Recently, there were reports that their own SmartWatch works OnePlus. Gadget named OneWatch is supposed to look like a classic watch and be recharged wirelessly. But the real "bomb" HP is preparing …

Jewelry, no gadget

Someone rightly pointed out that smart watches do not sensations until they begin to treat them as jewelry, not functional gadget. To this were so, most companies need to put on the design. Customer is no longer enough to the body of the watch manufacturer X pressed the computer's components several years ago. It must be a body beautiful. Many people expected that "how to do" will Apple, the iWatch is perhaps the most anticipated consumer electronic equipment. About this, what will be the next iPhone or iPad all already know, but iWatch is almost mythical device. Given that in the broad sense, the project involved iWatch is a former Director of Sales TAG Heuer – one of the most luxurious brands of watches in the world – and sapphire glass factory, you can expect that Apple will not disappoint. iWatch is the product of a stylish, well-made and perfectly synchronized with the iPhone. It is not known just when it goes on sale, some rumors say that this may be only in mid-2015 … The bar beauty in the world of modern electronics may soon clear increase HP. The company, whose existence many people have already forgotten, he wants to release one of the most interesting devices in history. SmartWatch HP may be the product, because we all fall in love smart watches.

The new category of beauty

Watch HP, which grew out loud because of the sketches that have just been leaked to the Internet, will be the fruit of cooperation giant Palo Alto, shop Gilt and American designer Michael Bastian. That's Bastian sign up under SmartWatch HP, and for the fashion figure is not just what. Another considerable advantage of the watch to be his dwusystemowość. The gadget will be compatible and iOS, and Android, which means that its functions will benefit owners of such extremely different smartphones. This feature opens up great opportunities for HP – one which neither Apple nor Samsung or Sony or any other electronics manufacturer closely associated with one operating system, would never have chosen.

HP SmartWatch is a project of Michael Bastian

SmartWatch HP will look like a classic, well-made watch. Is to be built on the basis of a steel circular envelope with a diameter of 44 mm, supplemented by various types of belts. Others will not only colors (black, brown, olive), but it creates the material (leather, rubber, nylon). There will also be several limited editions, among which surely will be a model for a stylish metal bracelet. To create the dial Bastian drew inspiration from the appearance of dashboards installed in luxury cars. About the site stylistic design can be quiet, because Bastian knows his stuff, as few others. For making stylish watch "intelligent" HP is taking responsibility. The gadget will offer all the features that today smartwatchu can not miss. It seems to be support for system notifications iOS and Android, access to information about new messages or missed calls. Using SmartWatch HP will be able to control the playback music from your smartphone and check in on Foursquare. Unknown are the components of the watch, but according to the announcement of the manufacturer, they are to be of the highest quality. Although HP SmartWatch is still a mystery (no one knows what stage is the project), now raises strong emotions. Finally, because someone showed that the electronic watch can also be nice. At the end of two more valuable information. HP SmartWatch is to have its premiere this fall, and its price "will be acceptable to the average consumer." Get ready wallets.
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