The acquisition of Beats by Apple officially became a reality – on this occasion the Cupertino giant has prepared a special advertising, which in a funny way summarizes and celebrates the purchase of this extremely well-known in the market audio equipment brand. YouTube Preview Image In the 30-second advertising spot we meet two characters – Mikey and Tina – whose appearance is based on the style of the speaker Beats by Dre Pill. For the two protagonists speaks Siri – the virtual assistant available on mobile devices with iOS em on board, informing them of the party in full swing by none other than Dr. Dre. As it turns out, the party is reserved exclusively for guests of the invitations. We already know that such admissions will not receive about 200 people coming so far in the band Beats – Apple just announced a farewell approximately 40% of the employees purchased the company. The cuts are really big – although the exemption in the case of acquisition rather have been expected, it is probably no one expected that they will prove to be so large. Time will tell whether Apple Beats under the wings further develop wings. Source: AppleInsider