Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, has just published the results of sales for the first half of 2014. As it turns out, the results of the hard work of this group are all too satisfactory.

Huawei photo

In a report presented by the company shows that year-on-year sales of smartphones grew by 62%. Whole devices sold totaled 34.27 million units, which means that within the first six months of Huawei finished 43% of the annual plan – this implies because sales of 80 million smartphones. As you can see, despite the sizeable increase in sales of Chinese manufacturer plans for this year are very ambitious.

Interestingly, smartphones accounted for up 97% of the total sales of Huawei. Much more successful was the first quarter – then it sold 21 million handsets (up 85% yoy). The company predicts that 20% of the total phone sales will be the flagship, the most expensive models of smartphones – the current percentage is 16%.

General sales of mobile devices has enabled the company to take third place among manufacturers of smartphones with a score of 4.7% market share. The first two distance but it is still huge – Apple has in fact 15.2% of total sales, and Samsung – 30.8%.