Apple has updated information on the popularity of selected versions of iOS and among their devices. It turned out that iOS 7 installations reached a record score, because this version of the system uses up to 90 percent. dedicated devices.

Photo: Apple

During the WWDC was announced that iOS 7 is installed on 87 percent. all devices, and today, two months before the release of the next generation of the system, with iOS and 7 uses 90 percent. entitled to its installation, 9 percent. iOS uses a 6, while earlier versions of only 2 percent. users. This result is influenced by many factors. First of all, iOS 7 is a new look and new safety features, and it is these elements can convince to install this software. In addition, many applications to function properly, however, requires iOS and 7, not to mention the fact that the update software on Apple's done in a trivial way. For comparison (although, in principle, comparing in this way is not entirely fair), with shares of selected Android versions on the market are as follows:

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Source: iDownloadBlog