Small changes in the offer prepaid made ​​"purple operator" – Play. From now on, users of tariffs on the card will have to keep an eye on the validity of their packages, and for regular top-up operator to prepare a small bonuses.


At the beginning of the bad news: from 16/07/2014 to change the formula of several packages. Options:
  • Unlimited minutes to Play
  • 100 minutes to play and stationary
  • 30 minutes for all the six zł

they were subject to automatic renewal, which means that to exclude some jobs will need to contact Customer Service or use special codes. Tomorrow follows the launch of a loyalty system "Collect bonuses", which can benefit the holders of tariffs on Card Play, Play on Card I Like it! and Play on Card Expiry Year Accounts. The quantity and quality of bonuses depends of course on the total amount of top-ups made in a given month:

  • 30-59 zł – internet 50 MB to use within 30 days
  • 60-89 zł – unlimited calls to all networks for the next 5 days
  • 90 zł and more – 50 zł for use within 30 days

To take advantage of the bonuses, it becomes necessary to start the service using code, SMS or panel member at . Terms of Service you will find here . Source: