Windows Phone every day trying to break through the thick layer of "green" competition, sometimes less, sometimes with more success. These efforts, however, balance in the statistics resulting in a small market share of smartphones running Microsoft. Company AdDuplex checked where the windowing system has many enthusiasts. I'm sure you remember your company AdDuplex and its statistics. The company deals with numbers associated with the Windows Phone for a long time. Statistics conducted by the said company shall be collected on the basis of the result returned by advertising in 11 specific applications or games. These last statistics were performed exactly 8 July and involved 200,000 users of Windows Phone. What was achieved result? Where Windows Phone is the most popular? The first two not at all surprising, the United States, with the participation of 11% and India with a share of 7.5% of all mobile phones with the system. In third place Brazil. This is where Windows Phone is the most popular and there are many phones running Microsoft. Poland also received an individual score up almost 2%. Statistics once again confirms that most of the devices uses the version 7.x and 8, while version 8.1 is still a small fraction of the whole. All these statistics were designed to investigate the participation of devices running Windows Phone and applies only to the system, these statistics do not show the share on the background of competing systems. Source: AdDuplex via PhoneArena