It would seem that reputable, beautifully looking Super AMOLED display are leveraged trade Korean manufacturer that it is for those vibrant colors and sharp contrast are selected Samsung phones. It turns out that it is totally different. According to the director of Samsung Display-Park Dong-geun manufacturers of mobile solutions are not interested in the implementation amoledowych displays on their devices. Nobody wants to buy ready-made screens from Samsung developed this technology. Recall that the Super AMOLED used by Samsung since 2010 with the beginning of the Galaxy S series, up to the current series tablet S. Moreover, it is the first display in the world that has its own song! YouTube Preview Image It is a pity, because it is This sensational technology that allows us to see more. I know many of you probably do not like the unnatural too bright colors, but to me they are a perfect contrast with the gray reality. There is nothing else like to wish good luck to Samsung humming deep inside this melody:


Source: PhoneArena