It is true that gentlemen do not drink before noon, but in Japan it is already afternoon so you can. Today I want to introduce you in the holiday mood and offer you an exotic drink. A little Japanese extravagance, some citrus and of the Bulgarian sand. Sounds good right? It looks even better. Well, a few brave souls, which they have already decided to go on vacation than Sony illusion of the throwing beer at a party – they did drink. Drink what's true or not scary Xperia Z2, but this one was frozen, and it already exceeds the standard ip58. Take a look: YouTube Preview Image drink still in liquid form looks appetizing, but 12 hours later created something even better. A lump of ice, and the frozen phone like Polish capital for the construction of highways. The end result puts the phone Sony in the light of the true craftsmanship of Japanese engineering. Applause! Phone works really survived. Recall that the standard, which provides for waterproof phone says that it is protected against the ingress of liquids into the cabinet provided short-term trials and no pressure. This lasted for 12 hours at a temperature below zero passing various states of matter and is still running. We are happy to share with you my reflections, mind that the phone during the frantic attempts to really dignified look. It is slim, sleek and beautiful no, you have to give him credit. And once? Once resistance or strength was ugly. The more words of respect for engineers who have skills in addition to great taste. Maybe not often we drink so exotic drinks, and immunity is only an additional function which possesses the eye, but we have a sense of security, which at the beach or pool certainly is useful. Anyway, good-looking phone that can do it? At the end fitting to write: Do not do this at home 🙂 Source: PhoneArena