The end of the next quarter is the period in which the company related to the mobile industry present their financial results. Traditionally, some at the moment to enjoy and see the prospects for the future – you can recall the example of HTC, and others, such as Samsung, mourn, and this is the third time in a row.

Samsung Galaxy F / photo

Korean manufacturer has released financial results for the last quarter, from which we learn that in the period April-June 2014 the company achieved sales of $ 51.4 billion, while noting operating profit in the amount of 7.1 billion "green". As it turns out, these results are not sensational – Samsung logs reduced revenues for the third time in a row, and operating profit compared to the first quarter of this year is lower by up to ¼. As explained Samsung, this is primarily due to increasing market saturation of smartphones (I must admit that it's pretty trivial translation), but also a constant appreciation in the exchange rate of the South Korean won, which over the past 12 months has gained against the dollar as 11%. Koreans are hoping to reverse the trend already in the quarter – no help in this premiere of a new line of smartphones. Time will tell if Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and still officially unannounced Samsung Galaxy F meet the needs of the company. Source: