Flagship, or the specifications of the top models from years of highest interest of the media, industry experts and customers. Although their share in the total sales of smart phones is falling, the market's attention remains focused on the most expensive devices Samsung, Apple, HTC and LG. It is possible that soon the top shelf price will elicit even greater excitement, and all thanks to superflagowców.

Those interested in the mobile sector probably often heard of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and HTC One M8 Prime. On our blog reports about them appeared more than once and just click to be convinced of this. In both cases, the word Prime in the name is not a sure thing, there is only a rumor, and finally the device may be called differently. Nor is it certain that at all see this stuff on sale. A representative of Samsung swore after a couple of months ago that the corporation does not intend to extend the offer of such a model, with messages coming from HTC also does not appear that preparing to launch supersmartfonu. This closes the speculation? Definitely not. YouTube Preview Image It is in this case have in mind that the two companies could not mention their podrasowanych flagowcach before they premiere (especially a few months before the event), because it is not for sale would benefit the current top models. Is the person interested in buying Galaxy S5 soon would take the purchasing decision, if she knew that in two or three months on the market can hit the better version? Probably not. Therefore, the market reacts to statements skeptical producers and winds speculation. And this leads to a question whether producers are actually needed superflagowce?

Samsung in trouble

Industry new technologies went around the last message as follows: the second quarter in execution Samsung was not the best. The Corporation expects to worse outcomes, and the impact it has weaker than expected sales of smartphones. Mention is made primarily of models from the lower and mid-priced, but it also pulls away Galaxy S5. And this for two reasons. Firstly, the role of the top model include screwing interests of other smartphones offer the manufacturer. It's a kind of locomotive pulling sales to new records. If there is the specter of underperformance on the lower shelf price, this part of the fault is fraught with half locomotive – apparently does not meet the proper extent of their role. Secondly, it's about selling the flagship and the atmosphere around it. The equipment does not beat (with a bang) records, you have become accustomed to its predecessors and at the same time have all the time to defend themselves against the attacks of the competition, the media, disgruntled customers. What he complain? First of all, boredom, lack of flair and innovation, which needs to have the best largest player in the market. Announcing underperformance is not the first bad news (from the point of view of Samsung and its shareholders) that appeared in the media in recent weeks. In early June, industry services informed that smartphone LG G3 made in South Korea much better sales than its local competitor, Galaxy S5. This applies admittedly only one market, and just a few days, it is difficult on this basis to draw conclusions, but for some the message was clear: Samsung can no longer be so sure of her. Another bad news for the Asian giant's incoming prime minister strode iPhone 6 is true that divides us from it a few months, but the sector is already living the smartphone, and it certainly does not help to Samsung. YouTube Preview Image upcoming release of Apple smartphone, interesting proposals of the top devices from LG or HTC logo, the lack of popular enthusiasm after the release of the Galaxy S5 still do not exhaust the problems of the Korean manufacturer. The pack should throw the increasing activity of Chinese manufacturers (both large and recognizable, as well as rising stars) and weaker sales growth flagowców. Customers are now primarily interested in models from the middle and lower shelves (significant improvement of their quality and performance), this trend will intensify. Koreans must therefore find a way through which they manage to stop the expansion of other companies and counteract any decreases in sales of its flagship. That can be mentioned already supersmartfon.

More often, or more

The biggest problem is not the creation itself supersmartfonu, but the reasons for this step, and the belief of customers, it makes sense. Samsung and HTC may soon expand their offers on models with better components, another enclosure, more features and new technologies, but then you will be asked: why not zaserwowaliście presented this in a few months earlier flagowcu? Probably there will also convincing opinion that ordinary customers studded bottle. Manufacturers can, however, recourse argument that called one of the top managers Sony, Pierre Perron. During the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2014 he explained why the Japanese manufacturer unveiled the Xperia smartphone Z2 just a few months after the release of the Xperia Z1. What did he say? YouTube Preview Image Perron stated that the refresh of the product on an annual basis, for example, preferred by Apple, it is not a good option and lose the customers. Market new technologies is growing rapidly today, new solutions and you need to use them on a regular basis. If, at the end of the year, the sector is enriched with a fresh range of components, such as processors, displays, and manufacturers have designed a flagship that will show in the first months of next year, it makes no sense to wait with the introduction of innovations over a year – enough to create the next flagship and present it in the third quarter. Sounds logical? Sentences will probably split. Most important, however, is that such a plan looks attractive from the point of view of producers, because it creates opportunities for turning up profits.

Prime, which is more expensive

The mere introduction to offer next flagship, shortening cycle premiere could boost sales, but the producers were faced with the question of how to draw the maximum benefit of this idea? Sony introduced the Xperia smartphone sales Z2 two quarters after the Xperia Z1 and it is possible that podkręciło thanks to the results, but probably not in a very visible and convincing way. Who convincing? For commentators and shareholders. After all, these companies must present reports, and these should be apparent that the progress made and the corporation achieves even better results. This applies especially Samsung, which over the years with a bang beat your own records and to grow at an amazing pace. If suddenly (for some suddenly, others have not – for some time pointed out that growth can not continue indefinitely, and the company sooner or later collide with the problem) is presented quarterly report with much worse results and powtórzyłoby This is the three months, it would start to breaking the spell of the company. What is needed is bidding magnet that will not only improve performance, but do it in a noticeable way. YouTube Preview Image Supersmartfony referred to in the media the name of Prime provide an opportunity to draw considerable benefits. Companies'll be able to introduce a new product, it will focus attention on the market, will gain a chance to re customer interest in products or top. It should be noted that the price of these devices will probably not be the same as the current price flagowców manufacturers – it will improve, because this is a supersmartfon. About what amounts mentioned? It's hard to say, because it would depend on the degree of relative changes presented earlier flagship. If they are cosmetic, the corporation will be difficult to convince people that the new product should be several hundred dollars more expensive than that shown half a year earlier. Someone will tell you that just in the business marketing can wyczyniać miracles, but everything has its limits.

Samsung, HTC, others will too

So far in the media gossip scrolling on two supertelefonów, namely the already mentioned models of Samsung and HTC. Reasons for action are the Korean manufacturer as obvious. In the case of a Taiwanese corporation also about money – this brings up the vast majority of movements of this type. HTC is supposed to be not so much a struggle to maintain market status quo and continued dominance (case Samsung) to fight for survival. The manufacturer needs to increase sales, to be able to function. Savings melted company, the property was sold to a large extent, been cut – now the only thing left to rely on the fact that profits will grow. To achieve this, you should be selling something really impressive, or at least convince the market that made something extraordinary. YouTube Preview Image For some time, the corporation HTC follows in the footsteps of Samsung, make adjustments in their development strategies based on the lessons provided by the Korean manufacturer and is closely following events taking place in the market. If the sales will be supersmartfon with the logo of Samsung, the Taiwanese should it react quickly. Who knows, you may even take the initiative and "attack" first? Another concern is whether they will actually first – after all, less well-known Chinese players some time on the market provide supersmartfony (example shown above Vivo XPlay 3S). But they lack adequate publicity and brand strength by which this concept could become effective. Samsung and HTC are able to do so. Behind them, there is probably other players – after all, does not allow the market to develop without them. Since emerges chance to overclock results, then you need to use it. Tweaked flagship Samsung and HTC are not bunkers, it is difficult to determine whether the market actually reach S5 Galaxy Prime and HTC One Prime. The idea, however, supersmartfonu will sooner or later be used by one of the big players strong spin a new segment of the smartphone industry. It's a chance to earn decent money with relatively little effort and it is certainly worth fighting for. Another issue is whether the company will use this opportunity properly and if they can convince customers to your idea. Ultimately, it is, after all, they vote for the idea of their portfolios. Interest you article? See also other manic columns .

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