Apple is one of the examples of companies that do not need to seek the interest of the media, competitors, customers, and still are the center of attention. Industry is carefully monitoring their financial performance, personnel reshuffling, analyzes the development strategy, trying to guess what will be next moves corporations. In the latter case, it suffices to mention the rumors and speculation that the next iPhone. On the new smartphone case, however, does not end – the market is also concerned with the Cupertino giant watch: iWatch works for now only rumors, but it arouses great emotion.

iWatch appeared in industry reports in the past month or two quarters ago – said to be a few years. Industry has long been trying to predict what Apple will surprise us and speculating. This applies both to successive versions of existing products, as well as completely new devices and services. Over the years in the media there have been reports on TV with bitten apple logo (we saw it when the company still managed Steve Jobs), there was no shortage of rumors about the car or the console of the company. Some rumors seemed quite plausible, others immediately pointed to a very active imagination of distributing the news of this type. iWatch was not the first, nor the only project more widely understood anticipated by the market. Ultimately, however, a good chance that Apple will expand its offer just about smart watch. I will do it soon.

It's time for something fresh

Apple all accustomed to the fact that every few years presents a new range of products. At the beginning of the previous decade was the iPod, which has won great popularity, messed up in the music (with iTunes) and over the years has been intensively developed. In 2007, the Cupertino corporation has revolutionized the mobile industry, has promoted smart phones, and in 2010 returned to the issue of the tablet and referred in this field a huge success. Three strong impact, the three pillars, which allowed the company to collect on accounts fortune. Although these devices continue to sell in the tens of millions of copies in each quarter, it is Apple needs something new. Completely new. The American company changes its products, constantly improves and makes them more attractive, making a great selling equipment. For a long time it will not change – Apple will continue to sell the iPhone and iPad (and perhaps also the iPod) and make bundles of money. Do not disappear, however, the question of a new chapter in the history of the company. All the time will appear carping comments, convincing that for Jobs was different, with flair and mass innovation, and now watch the cashing of his success and the company that not only ceased to be a leader in new technologies, but also asks for another internal crisis. The same, she had experienced years ago when he left her Jobs. iWatch is to be proof that Tim Cook took no position after his mentor by accident that the man who manages to push this business forward. In a matter of fact, the test for the entire crew, especially the executives. Thanks to him we will know the answer to is whether Apple was the company of one man, or is unable to function (properly), no matter whose name is on the door of the boss's office. The watch is just needed corporations. It is also needed their competition and the emerging sector of ubieralnych.

iPad inhibits the needed support

I wrote before the moment of the reasons why Apple should expand the offer of a new product and can be summarized as a desire to show (again) its strength, potential, to prove that he is still the leader of the company managing the right people. In this case, however, does not end there – Apple has another reason and it is not already on prestige, but about money. The latter are most interested shareholders, and the Cupertino giant is still listed on the stock exchange. Its aim is mainly to earn large sums and constant overclocking results. With the latter perhaps imminent problem. YouTube Preview Image Today Apple receives revenue primarily from the sale of the iPhone. It is a most powerful product in their offer, the jewel in the crown. The corporation earns from the sale of computers, iPods or applications and are not pennies, but the real coconuts and sale of smartphones. After each quarter to the customers gets tens of millions of pieces of the iPhone, and on any phone Apple earns a few hundred dollars. This dominance, however, has a serious drawback: Apple to some extent a dependency on the success of your phone. If the sale has deteriorated (and you can never rule it out), it would be immediately apparent in the overall results of the company. According to rumors (devoted to this issue separate text), Apple for a few months will present to the world a brand new iPhone, a larger and equipped with a range of features that can attract the attention of customers. Do not miss even the opinion that the corporation will present two large smartphones, one of which is already represented fabletów segment. If these reports are confirmed, in fact, a corporation can actually catch the wind in the sails: sales will increase and the manufacturer will be able to boast of consecutive records. It can not be ruled out that these rumors are not fully realized and the new iPhone will not cause hysteria among customers. And even if he manages to reach the goal, it is an action in the short term – the smartphone for you can not expand indefinitely. Apple earns well on new hardware, but then they will be even more difficult to surprise the market with something new. YouTube Preview Image Looking to offer Apple from that perspective, it seems obvious need of diversification. The corporation needs a second strong pillar of its business, a kind of second lungs, which can be very useful when you first begin to fail. Such pillars are neither computers, because the market is shrinking, or iPods that glory years are behind him. All signs in the heavens and the earth indicate that this role was to play the iPad, but … Well, there is some "buts". IPad sales performance in the first quarter of 2014 showed that this market segment will not be for Apple next eldorado. Sales tablet has shrunk compared to the same period in 2013, a decrease as high as 16%. Is this a one-time slip-up? Probably not – this segment of the market probably will not have a dynamically growing, while it comes to interesting proposals, so the client can be increasingly difficult. There appears iWatch – equipment, which should help Apple. On the one hand, relieve some iPhone in the sphere of generating profits, on the other hand, can have a positive impact on the sales of other products. This includes the iPad. It is difficult to say today, which will showcase Apple (if that happens), but it seems likely that their watch will create a great duet with tablets and fabletem, which waits for the market. The corporation already try to do so, to iWatch encouraged to buy other devices with the logo gnawed apple, a serious entry into the ecosystem with the Cupertino giant.

Competition works, but in the dark

Do iWatch create market smartwatchy? Well, yes and no. Smart watches appear in the industry for years, for good cause, you can search for your first attempts even in the twentieth century. Already expanded its offer of products of this type of corporation Samsung, Sony has them, the worse they do not want to be LG and Motorola. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – after all, many companies (more or less known) created the SmartWatch, working on such a device, or at least seriously thinking about it. The avalanche started. The problem is that this is just the avalanche – next producers join the game, they want to bury your client proposals, but by the end they do not prevail over this and are not able to defend SmartWatch, to convince millions of people that just are waiting for it. YouTube Preview Image Samsung already showed the world last year, smart watches, was probably excited about the fact that he won the race with Apple: now no one can accuse the Koreans to copy the product. Their equipment, however, left much to be desired, not enjoyed a tremendous, or even very popular Asian group was not able to convince the market that the Prime Minister of this great event and the start of something big. It's about, but the company simply can not see how to take him. Paradoxically, it was Apple may be a godsend for the competition. Since the U.S. giant got under sections smartphones and tablets, let them now do it with smartwatchami. If Apple iWatch will present to the world, it is firstly, to convince millions of customers and their competition, that this development have meaning, and secondly, it will show everyone how to approach this topic. Or at least set the masses of customers for a specific product type. As long as one of the major problems smartwatchy is that it is not transferred to the solutions known from other devices, mainly smartphones. Often it does not make sense or does not give a good effect. Maybe the issue should be approached differently, create a smart watch from scratch? The industry is no shortage of opinion that if someone is to succeed, it is Apple. YouTube Preview Image with said opinion can of course disagree and call Google – the corporation itself more boldly conceived ubieralnych technologies on the market, this also applies to smartwatchy and trying to spin this industry. The Mountain View company has interesting ideas, in many respects approaches the matter niesztampowo. In this case, the problem lies in the fact that Google is not also a manufacturer of software and hardware. They can create a great system for the watches, but it is difficult to determine how it will cope with corporate partners and how to exploit this potential. Apple does not have this problem – controls the entire production process, the entire ecosystem can make significant changes at different stages. Example smartphones or tablets showed that it is a considerable advantage.

This is an opportunity for the entire industry

Before the moment I wrote that at the premiere iWatch can use Apple's competition. Many readers probably are indignant, because in their eyes it is the Cupertino company is a copyist, a manufacturer that uses achievements of others, and arrogating to himself the execution of numerous milestones within IT. Even if we believe that the strategy and actions of Apple actually cause some controversy, there is no doubt that the impact of the corporate sector of new technologies is enormous. The company may not have created the first smartphone and a tablet, but if today these products would enjoy such popularity, if not for Apple? The same mechanism promoting new solutions are needed today sector equipment / technology ubieralnych. And it makes no sense limited only to watch, because it is very wide, but at the same time associated with each industry. It consists of the SmartWatch, sunglasses, clothing, shoes, bracelets, key rings, caps … Weight thing that is constantly expanding. Many people are already talking about fashion ubieralne technologies, and even a new era in the world of IT, but it's probably too far opinions. So far we enter on the path of development the industry, but it happens relatively slowly and without much conviction. Watch Apple represent a sort of confirmation that this is not a dead end. This could be treated motivating producers, but also encourage clients to draw your wallet. It might, but first he must get to the sale.

What to expect and when?

Let's start with the answer to the second question: when? There was no shortage of reports, according to which, iWatch was to be unveiled at WWDC. We are, however, already after the event and not lived to watch the premiere. The next deadline? Autumn 2014. Premiere of the new equipment can be connected to the release of the next iPhone. On the one hand, it would make sense, because Apple would watch with another product with their offers (especially important if you will be a big smartphone), but on the other hand, too many surprises on the one party can bring counterproductive. Another thing that the market is waiting for, very strong American company, and if Apple does not disappoint, before the period of the holiday frenzy can dominate industry news and once again become the focus of media attention. With a major advantage over the competition. YouTube Preview Image Let us assume, therefore, that we know when it comes to the release. And what exactly can show Apple? Here begins the true festival of conjecture. There is no shortage of rumors about the components used in the construction of iWatch, partners (I'm not focused on that – worth the wait for the premiere) with which it can work on this project the American corporation (recently appeared Nike), the prices of the equipment and its appearance. Designers and enthusiasts compete in the publication of visualization watch, some look very futuristic, others refer to the classical watches. There are also speculations about the innovations and features that Apple will provide his product. He mentions, among others, changes in the charging unit. Today it is a big problem for smartwatchy (and more broadly the mobile equipment) and the Cupertino giant could win a lot, if achieved success in this field. It is difficult to answer the question whether a possible revolution in this matter is within Apple and in the near future? Another heavily accented issue is health / sports / fitness. The issue recently exploited by other players of IT, and according to rumors, Apple is also explored. There are also questions about the positioning iWatch: if from the beginning it will be presented as an addition to smartphones and tablets or Apple creates a stand-alone product? Many questions / suggestions / rumors, but still not enough specifics. YouTube Preview Image a few months, you may find that iWatch operates only in our imagination, and Apple has no plans to market such equipment. At least not in the near future. Certainly it would be a considerable profession – devote attention to this device worldwide media (media writes about it, among others, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal), waiting for him many fans of Apple and it is not surprising that the mention of tens of millions of watches sold, within a few months months from the date of release. The market has already been filmed, you can write to halt breathing. Now all look out for traffic from Apple. I count on the fact that it actually proves to be a worthy extension of the already existing offer. Interest you article? See also other manic columns .

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