A few days ago, Apple purchased Beats Electronics. As this transaction will translate into cooperation with the official distributor of accessories Beats by Dr. Dre in Poland? Beats Electronics is a brand that plays a leading role in the world of music and fashion. Headphones with a distinctive letter "b" wear include known players – Neymar, pop culture icon – Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, and the American basketball star – LeBron James. Design performance, excellent sound, and legendary rapper Dr.. Dre, co-owner of the brand, made the Beats products are many buyers in over 180 countries. Last year, the revenues from sales of handsets centered around the iconic billion. According to data from the NPD Beats brand controls 56 percent of the U.S. market premium headphones, the price above $ 100, and nearly 30 percent of the total market handsets in the United States. Dr.. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovin, creator of the spectacular success of the brand, will join the team of Apple. Music is an important part of our lives and holds a special place in the heart of Apple. Therefore, we intend to invest in it, creating a perfect team, able to develop the most innovative products and music services in the world – said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. In Poland, still the official distributor of brand Beats by Dr. Dre remain Hama.