Even in the previous decade smartphone was reserved for a small group of customers, and the effect on a number of factors (such as price, availability, understanding the concept by users). Within a few years, however, made the "smartphone revolution", resulting for example billion smart phones sold in 2013. This is largely contributed to the decline in hardware prices while increasing their productivity and quality. The customer gets more for less today. And this process will continue.

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I will not be messed with in the distant history, backed up to the time of the first iPhone, or even older smartphones because it is a topic worthy of a separate entry. At the beginning I recall, however, the text that appeared with us at the end of last year – it devoted to smartphones Motorola and I was wondering if you could bring to the actions of the Motorola-Google duo. The premiere of devices Moto X Moto X and I decided in December as one of the most important events of 2013, the mobile industry and waited for more, I assumed that in 2014 the legendary producer also surprise us with something interesting. I was surprised. It turned out that Motorola will go under the wing of Lenovo. There were then questions what to do next with the project Moto and whether you can operate the still expect something interesting? A few months later we met an official answer: Moto smartphone E.

Moto, which is cheap solidly and Android

Motorola demonstrated the world's smartphone still cheaper than the Moto model G (the price below $ 120), and at the same time equipped with decent components and offering a good quality of use. The company has proven that it is still possible to lower the prices of mobile equipment and offer the products at a pretty good class, of which the vast majority will be satisfied users of smart phones. Although the smartphone is not available for purchase anywhere for those few hundred dollars and sometimes its price turns out to be much higher (for example Poland, where the model costs more than 500 gold), it's still talking about an attractive proposal. First, it is addressed to clients in emerging markets, to people who use even with your ordinary telephone and can soon change for smartphones and people who in the world simply do not want to spend a larger sum on the way electronics and are looking for a simple but efficient device. Into play quite a bit. YouTube Preview Image Potential customers will be charged Moto E multiple, and they will arrive. They are today the basis for the mobile business and not likely to change. The flagship models in the price of several thousand business cards will continue to producers and locomotives pulling the offer, but in the hundreds of millions of pieces of each quarter, will sell cheaper smartphones. The top shelf is beginning to stabilize and there is no indication that the sale of top smartphones have rapidly grow. The same does not apply to the average, and especially the lower price segment – Moto E-type models will gain in popularity and manufacturers are aware of this fact. As a result, next premier equipment fitted in space technologies, attracting attention throughout the industry, and at the same relatively expensive, will play a major role presentations of products that fall in the rankings great price with quality. This equipment already mentioned the likes of Moto G and E, for example, cheap Lumie. Speaking of Lumiach question.

Microsoft wants many Moto E of Windows Phone

I recently got loud on new smartphones with Microsoft's mobile platform. Interestingly, it will not be the products from known corporations such as Samsung, Lenovo and LG. Family of appliances with mobile windows expand Prestigio, Yezz and Blu. What can I expect after their smartphones? First of all, low price. Models prepared PRZE these producers are represented by the lower and mid-priced devices that Corel valued at hundreds of dollars and will be directed mainly to customers in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America and many Asian countries. It is these products are an alternative to the type of Moto smartphones G / E and other low-cost handsets with Android. After the advertisement of this equipment, it became clear that Microsoft changed tactics on the mobile market.

YEZZ Billy / Fig. YEZZ

Until relatively recently Microsoft tried to move into the mobile industry mechanisms that worked well in the PC – the company wanted to make money on the sale of its operating system. However, while in the case of computer manufacturers do not have much choice but to agree to cooperate with Microsoft, it is for the ultra-mobile arena had / have a choice: free Android. Collaboration with Google guaranteed lower cost of the final product, and thus, did hardware more attractive with Punt view of the customer. In the case of top models and even a few tens of dollars more or less not a big difference. On the lower shelf price, however, it could determine the success / failure of the device. In addition to the financial component, Google used the theme multitude – were dressed not in the manufacturers, and not to draw them to the specific requirements and barriers. Microsoft followed a different route – he wanted to control the system and ecosystem, and choose a partner. Although this approach has its strengths and provides benefits to customers, this model won the "free-for" used by Google. Today, Microsoft is changing the strategy and a more open market: the license fee was abolished, expanded the list of business partners and facilitated the creation of hardware. Effects become visible – advertised a few low-cost devices less well-known manufacturers in the preparation are further models. For the game will include probably more or less known manufacturers from China and India.

Nokia Lumia 520 / Fig. Nokia

Is Microsoft deciding to change based entirely on the experience of Google and mindlessly copying them? No – the Redmond company could benefit from the knowledge that she has gained. The iconic example is here selling smartphones with Windows Phone. The greatest interest of customers have enjoyed for a long time cheap Lumie. This model numbers 520 and 620 allow Microsoft to control the modest, but still a few percent of the market. If they run out, the sale of smartphones with WP doznałaby serious declines. The software manufacturer finally understood this and decided to expand its offer was at a lower price segment. Will the new device will be able to boast of what distinguishes popular Lumie, which is a good performance for a low price? We'll find out soon – even if it is not perfect equipment, it would allow it to Microsoft to spin the mobile market. Price and this time can work wonders.

We go with the price lower and lower

Cited before the moment of Motorola Moto E, cheap Lumie if further budget WP smartphones are not placed on the lowest shelf price in the ultra mobile segment. These products represent the category of "cheap and good" (in the case of equipment, which has not yet been presented is the only assumption). The sale, however, appears more and more devices to attract the customer's attention only a low (!) Price. Customer may not rely in this case on interesting additions, high performance and trouble-free – pay little and must accept the defect of the product. Instead, get something that can be described as a "window on the world". For many people living in the poorest regions of the world in the form of bonuses fledged camera or screen with high resolution are necessary, or at least less important. These people simply need communications equipment and a few other basic functions of your smartphone. Even the simplest. There is no doubt that the market is the cheapest smartphones in the coming years will grow dynamically. Some time ago I wrote about plans for Facebook and Google aiming to provide the next billion people to the Internet. To work took a particular company from Mountain View, making further acquisitions and investments and is on track to dominate the network and expand its borders. Once this is done, you will need equipment that will enable the poor people of Africa and Asia using Google (or other companies, if they manage to get there). Will be sought models for tens of dollars. Maybe even for a few dollars. These products will be sold at huge cost, and their low quality makes it necessary to become frequent replacement of handsets – a business will be a great shaking. YouTube Preview Image Do these before the moment of dozen dollars for a smartphone is the real price? In answering this question, it is worth looking a few years back. More recently, at the beginning of the decade, Eric Schmidt, that is one of the three most important people at Google, talked about smartphone priced at less than $ 100. Then it seemed to be an ambitious goal, the realization of which we will have to wait a little longer. However, the market is quickly verified and manufacturers began mass-to provide customers with smart phones for tens of dollars. First, for 90, then 70, was another important overseas $ 50. In the end, it broke, and now already mentioned hardware for 20-30 dollars. Distant vision? No, it is already implemented. At the beginning of the year a lot was said about a very cheap smartphone platform Firefox OS. Mozilla wants with the help of such equipment undermine the market share of Android. Model would have cost $ 25, or a few dozen dollars. Such smart phones would therefore more expensive than regular phones, which still enjoy taking mainly due to the low price. Mozilla could therefore count on a substantial influx of users of its system. Except that would provide the market (through its business partners) really large number of low-cost smartphones .. i hope that the same river does not enter Android. The latter seems to be impossible – green robot is now implemented to a very low-cost handsets. Google controls the budget segment of ultra devices and should not change that further reduction in prices of smartphones. YouTube Preview Image The question of the lower limit of the price, which can not be longer break. You can specify it today? I think it is difficult to give a specific answer, but there is no doubt that we are close to the "bottom". Probably will come down below $ 20 per smartphone, but that's it. And so it will be no mean feat. Only if such equipment will provide any comfort and fun use? In the introduction I mentioned that the decline in the prices of products goes hand in hand with an increase in their quality and this is evident – just look at the series of Moto. Model G was not only cheaper, but also better than many of the proposals recognized manufacturers. A couple of years ago to create a great smartphone for less than $ 200 seemed like breakneck opinion, today formed a very good device for $ 100. It is easy to imagine, therefore, that for a time of praise for the performance of the handset will be raking in the price of $ 30. This is definitely good news for customers – is something to be happy. Interest you article? See also other manic columns .