Many users who rely on the services offering music on demand, knocking his forehead when I tell them that the use of Spotify is so much better than a normal store music on your phone and use iTunes. If you're one of spotify-skeptics, perhaps this text will encourage you to at least consider installing this application not only on your smartphone or tablet, but even on the computer.

Spotify is a Swedish music service on request offering multimillion database of songs, which can be accessed by computer programs, mobile applications and web player. On what day it is used by 40 million users worldwide, of which 10 million pays Premium subscription. That subscription allows unlimited access to the music with its attendant functions (such as saving tracks offline) and costs only 19,99 zł per month. The free version of Spotify users have normal access to works on computers and tablets, but at some time the program plays a non-invasive advertising. In the case of the free version of Spotify on smartphones, users have at their disposal only able to use personalized radio. Spotify offers a free, very professional applications for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. My adventure with Spotify began quite by accident over a year ago, when the service was not yet officially available in Poland, and you had to use a proxy gates of the French to be able to use it normally. Just a few weeks later on Facebook Spotify there is information that the company plans to officially launch in Poland. Since then, never once doubted in this application, and I think that this is now the most convenient solution on the market to enable playback of music on computers or using mobile equipment. The service Spotify appealed to me very many reasons, which I realized only when planning the text. The overriding issue, however, were professional applications for OS X and iOS and that after a recent renovation even more encourage the use of green player. Nevertheless, I will try to specify why Spotify> iTunes.

The same playlist on all devices with access to them everywhere, where is the internet

One of the major advantages of Spotify (and other music services available on request) is that the entire contents of the program (ie, information about playlists and their content) is stored on its servers. Simply log in to your account anywhere else than the default computer or tablet, and the app instantly syncs all playlists. Moreover, in this way the access to all kinds of Spotify social features, but the mention below. In any case, such a simple synchronization makes it favorite music is wherever we are and if we want to play something from the iPhone does not need to specifically connect to a sound system, and just log on to Spotify on the WWW.

Spotify, iPhone and iTunes

Using Spotify in my case made it to iTunes I use only when I restore your iPhone to factory settings – that is, once a year. Before the era of Spotify all your favorite songs was stored in the player of Apple, which are then exported to the iPhone. It was a very problematic solution, because a) I had each time to connect the phone to a computer to send him one song, and b) keep the songs in iPhone simply was eating my precious gigabytes, and taking into account the size of the package in my offer online subscription, much more profitable I streamed tracks by LTE than holding their phone. In this way I saved roughly 8 GB capacity and do not have to look for the cable to upload a new song into the phone, because instead I search it in the Spotify database and add them to one of the many playlists.

Missing pieces

It may happen that the database does not include a Spotify track or because of licensing does not make it in our country. In such situations, Spotify allows you to import the missing items to the selected playlist – just drag. MP3 window and you're done. To move added in this way track to the library on your phone or tablet, simply run the device Spotify and make sure that it is connected to the same WiFi network as the computer – then track the message automatically.

Personalized Radio

One of the main features of Spotify is also the radio. The system, based on user trends, develops radio stations, so that on the basis of playlists, the album, artist, or even a single track so you can start playing. personalized radio. Then the selected songs are more or less similar to the source position. This feature is particularly useful when you take into a trance scientific or preoccupied with other things that require uniform music.

Music offline

Although the action is centered around Spotify playlists and radio, an invaluable feature of this program is the ability to save songs to play later offline. If you are using Premium subscription, simply press one button to view the selected playlist, the program has collected all the existing tracks. This works on all devices, makes no quantitative restrictions (the problem may be, eg, capacity of the phone), and using the settings allows you to specify the quality synchronized in this way works. Often I use this option when traveling, everywhere where there is scope to allow smooth streaming music.

Tagging, quality and legality of music

Using Spotify handled another fairly significant problem – tagging. I know that not everyone is crazy about the correct determination of tracks (especially if someone cares to assign songs album cover), but for me it was a tragedy when found on the web track wrzuciło to iTunes'a, and the only information of this program on imported element was his name. Spotify, of course, the problem solved and the entire database tracks are marked in a uniform way, so that's just more clearly. Whereas tagging not to mention the quality of songs. When wrzucało to iTunes music found in the depths of the internet, which was recorded at a speed of 96 kbps, it appeared a huge problem that, Spotify is not uświadczy as Premium users have the ability to play music in quality 320 kbps (users of the free version – 128 kbps ). Going further, using Spotify are listening to music entirely legally. Let's face it – the vast majority of Polish users prefer to download the new album from your favorite artist Chomikuj than pay for one interesting song it three gold. Why is it could be dywagować the way other text. In any case, if you pay for the use of Spotify or not – everything is fully legal.

Social Issues, personalized radio, and other additives

The authors of this player offer us not only convenient playlist – Spotify is also a lot of social features. Using the program you can add to your watchlist other users of the platform, so you can overhear other people's playlists and, via the sidebar, to observe what the persons currently listening to. Accounts on Spotify are not only our friends, but also the various stars and teams. The player also integrates with Facebook. Of course, you do not have anything to share with others – Spotify offers the ability to hide playlists and use the private mode, which prevents suspicion listened to my music, so I can afford a little guilty pleasure with Ich Troje or Shazza. Social functions of Spotify somehow interfere with the functionality of, but this did not prevent developers deploy support this site – simply enter in the settings of your username and password, then Spotify will scrobblował all played tracks to


Of course, there is no rose without thorns. The Spotify miss two things: graphic equalizer, which a few months ago was available for the initiated and the possibility of even louder playback – sometimes some of the songs (especially classical music) are recorded so softly that even at high volume, it is difficult to Apple devices their comfortable listening. I also know that Spotify on devices older than the iPhone 5 simply acts sluggish, and just run the application takes a few seconds – this is also a repair.


Comfortable, carefully tagged playlist, no need to use iTunes, the availability of the same music on different devices and great applications – these are the key elements that make it not even try to consider a return to the Music app on your iPhone. Spotify enough rozleniwił me that if I for some reason had to stop using it, I'd be really pissed. These 20 gold, that service automatically pulls from my account, is one of the most relevant investments we make every month. Apple would have to really try to persuade me to re-use its music services.