iOS 8 shows that Apple's mobile system at any moment cease to be so closed, dysfunctional and inefficient as it accuses him of many a fanboj Android. This means that if Google does not mobilize, and not present in the next generation of their system something extra, the popularity of iOS and Android will start at the expense of dramatically increasing.

WWDC revealed no new equipment, no breakthrough ficzerów also showed striking when you first start iOS-and 8 – plain they watch the show Federighiego probably be bored. However, during this event demonstrates the huge palette of tools that – especially used by developers – to result in elevation of the quality of applications from the App Store'a a completely different, much better level. Android enthusiasts are outraged now that most of the "news" is presented in iOS 8 was available with them for a long time. Truth. iOS 8 will introduce a system-wide support for external keyboards, that is something that keeps today on Android than one person. Also expanded the functionality of Siri by calling her voice (like Google Now) there are interactive notifications and intelligent text input when writing. What's more – in iOS 8 improved communication between applications – users of Apple in the end will be able to picture from A to edit the application B, and open the document using C program application D. debut also support widgets from third parties (admittedly you still can not locate them on the home screen, but it does not matter), and even a application that displays energy consumption by specific applications. Messages also gained many new products, all of which increasingly resemble minimalist communicator. iOS 8 is much more than some of the solutions known from green robicika. Along with this system Apple unveiled Metal technology providing 10 times faster processing of the CPU while playing and use of the Touch ID in third-party applications. There is a centralized service of household appliances and presents Family Sharing, so you better be able to manage a homely family iUrządzeń. And if beyond iOS-I also use OS X, it is any day you can also receive calls and MacBook SMS, continue to work on documents, not to mention such smaczkach as even wireless (even without a Wi-Fi home) AirPlay streaming. Developers, that is a group largely responsible for the popularity of systems, I have never received such an injection of Apple news like this. Not to mention the fact that the provision of 4000 new APIs, but there is the ability to share applications from the App Store in special packs, you will be able to share previews of applications in the form of videos and made significant improvements in the way of discovering the application by users. There are also such phenomena as: PhotoKit (better access to photos), HealtKit (health functions), Handoff (previously Starting work on one device, ending on the second), CloudKit (better access to the cloud Apple), SceneKit (new framwework associated with 3D graphics) or the aforementioned Metal. The icing on the cake turned out to be the Swift, which is a new programming language from Apple, which has to be much simpler and more convenient than existing solutions.

OS X 10.10 Yosemite / photo by Apple

It's all of the above is not a package of standard features in iOS-ie – it is only one of the next updates decent mobile system. System that is reliable, intuitive and safe, and its updates in one fell swoop reach to almost all users (even those with 4-year-old devices). It is also a system perfectly integrated into your computer's brother – OS X-I – which all combine to unimaginable comfort. And by keeping the Apple developers''s mouth "no chance we were married from the App Store'a application that does not work or looks like it was written for Windows 95 To date, iOS and Android are two completely different tales: on the one hand, we had relatively closed system, nice, consistent and reliable, and on the other side of the open, split, sometimes ailing Android. However, Apple's iOS-I 8 it were stretched out a hand to those who are in his system lacked openness, and this in turn makes the overriding argument in favor of Android to some extent loses its validity. The only thing missing now Apple'owi, the greater the iPhone, but this will change any moment. And what then is Android?