Given the decoration at the Moscone Center in honor of the WWDC no illusions that Apple already two days will showcase iOS 8. But before that happens, the company Chitika provides us with information on what it looks like today use iOS and 7

Photo by Chitika

According to a recent report based on users from the United States and Canada, the latest generation of software, iOS 7 is installed on 89.7% of dedicated iPhones and iPads 84.8% dedicated. iOS 6 is appropriate for these groups of devices on the 8.8 and 7.9 percent. Interestingly, during the first 24 hours of release iOS 7 with the latest software has acquired more than 18% of users of iOS-a. Compared to last year during the WWDC 2013 iOS-and six used by 92.7% of dedicated iPhones, so this year is slightly lower, but still very high.

Photo by AppleInsider

Presentation iOS and 8 in two days. Apple is likely to launch a new application Healthbook, make changes in the management of music and perhaps focus on mobile payments. More on potential new features in iOS 8 read here. Source: Chitika