So far, with a dedicated Microsoft SkyDrive holders can use smartphones running under Windows Phone and iOS, but according to latest information from the Redmond giant is considered an open system, Google Android as a true rival for mobile devices, and so over the coming weeks, users of this system will see the application SkyDrive. Until then they can use, as it was before the service via a web browser by visiting , but in a completely refreshed version.

SkyDrive / Photo by Microsoft

New application for Google Android, will allow you to browse the files via file sharing to send links and also allow access to files on SkyDrive to other applications. The user interface is to remain the same as the version on Widnwos Phone or IOS. With the news we find in SkyDrive through a web browser is primarily a new interface modeled on Windows 8 with the option to Instant Search, a function of "drug drop" or the new features of the sort. Applications for Windows and OS X have been even better optimized which is translated into a smooth operation. Below you can see the videos demonstrate the effect YouTube Preview Image If, you can not wait to have an application on their SkyDrive device, you can check the progress via social networking site Twitter, where Microsoft inform the completion of the application . source: windowsteamblog