Marcin Gruszka, a spokesman for the Play network, today on his blog fejsie and announced a new promotion Online Play 4G LTE. The offer is linked with the latest advertising campaign Play network, in which participation takes Agnieszka Radwanska and Jerzy Janowicz. The Play's new promotion introduces three reasons why you should use thanks zz Play offer, so at least twirdzi spokesman. It is precisely the lack of subscription fees for 6 months, and hungry limits related to the transfer of data within the LTE for 6 months. In addition, abolished fees for 7-day testing period the internet. The offer is available to all clients, but you need to decide on a subscription of at least 49,99 zł the commitment for 24 months. The promotion also participate modems and routers 4G LTE. At this time, 4G LTE Internet of Play is available for more than 30 percent. Polish population. Yesterday started transmitters in other cities. Source: