The recipe for the perfect smartphone is not only a large display, stunning color display, mega-powerful and ultra-fast processor, the camera with excellent optics. Although the whole, gigahertz, gigabytes and megapixels to play in this case a very significant role, it is equally important is the design of the handset itself. Unfortunately, not always what we offer manufacturers delights us in every way. Therefore, a long time, we can observe a trend of formation of mobile concepts, as they face more or less well-known designers in the industry. Their projects often delight, as evidenced even by Bob Asus Zenphone Frekinga, Galaxy Black Nexus S created by Antoine Brieux, or HTC XXL One, who came from the "pen" Hasan Kaymaka. It also happens that the master designer of craftsmanship borne fantasy of what we'll see later in this publication. Not renewing, I invite you to read.

The strangest concepts / pic zentilia, Fotolia

TPM – HELIUM "The Easy Phone"

This very light and slim smartphone is working under the control of Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with a thickness of less than 6.8 mm, equipped with a touchscreen, a very bright display with resistive super-resolution of 200 x 400 pixels into which were deposited alphanumeric keyboard with a very original design . A technical specification includes Qualcomm MSM7225 processor – 800 MHz Cortex A9 processor, 512 MB RAM, full support for Office, microSD card slot up to 32GB, Bluetooth 3.0 radio, NFC, GPS, FM radio with RDS, accelerometer, proximity sensor and a compass. TPM – HELIUM "The Easy Phone" also has a TV output at 720p HD quality in the headphones, the main camera of 5 megapixel sensor with autofocus and LED doświetlającą LED front 2 megapixel webcam. All this is powered by battery with a capacity of 1450 mAh.

TPM - HELIUM "The Easy Phone" / pic thepowermachines

Designer: Imran Sheikh

iPhone 5 new

In this case we are dealing with a rather unusual design of the upcoming iPhone 5, which was created by Federico Ciccarese , since the intention was probably to create your bracelet, which looks quite intriguing, considering that resembles a spider, which is embedded was at hand. In this case, there is no question of any technical specification, so we can speculate that the legs were to be made of aluminum and mounted on a flexible display them to the image presented in HD.

iPhone 5 new / pic ciccaresedesign

Designer: Federico Ciccarese

CocaCola Concept Phones

Although this year's summer heat, it seems that we have behind us, it is worth pausing at CocaCola concept designed by David Carrillo . This model is representative of slider handsets, which, after separation of rectal presents us with a classic numeric keypad. The unit offers a main camera with 2 megapixel sensor and a front webcam for video calls. Spanish designer ideally to resolve the shape of the bottle, and kept the brand identity of Coca Cola offering the handset in three colors. Like its predecessor, there is no technical specification, but it is not yet in this case the most important.

CocaCola Concept Mobile / pic Behance

Designer: David Carrillo


Mobikoma This seems a strange concept, since it is based on modules, and each of them has a velar power supply and processor, which means that even a single element is able to provide computing power. However, in concept Izrailova Kamil, was to create a phone or even a mini-tablet. Two elements of the puzzle are special in that they have a SIM card slot, microphone and built-in memory devices and they have been appropriately highlighted with graphics on the rear panel. Once they get anastomosis smartphone with dimensions 22mm x 44mm x 6mm, but it is possible to create a screen with a maximum size of 1.5 x 2 meters. As we can see the renderach handset runs on Windows, which makes it universal.

Mobikoma / pic yankodesign

Designer: Kamil Izrailov


The last model, which without a doubt deserves to be the strangest concept is Smartphone-booklet , who developed Ilshat Garipov. This is a single phone, as thin as a sheet of paper, and all this has become possible, through a metamorphosis of the traditional silicon nanoparticles. Smartphone is growing as brochure from all sides has the commonly used applications and functions. Since this is a disposable device, you may have concerns about private data, but the designer took care of and that's because these are stored in the cloud. Power supply and solar energy. I admit that this model intrigued me most, given that the "pages" phone, you can easily tear and share them with friends. Incredibly presents an application of the map.

Smartphone Booklet / pic mojorno

Designer: Ilshat Garipov source: thepowermachines, ciccaresedesign, Behance, yankodesign, mojorno