Patent Wars have become in recent years, an extremely popular form of "entertainment" for larger and smaller companies in the IT sector (for a better weapon in this struggle often comes up to take on big players and their patent portfolio), but that does not mean that companies need to only fear one another. There is also the administration of justice, the users of products and different types of organizations that ensure that everything worked as it should. An example of the effectiveness of such monitoring is setback Google .

New technologies are the chances, but the risk / Fig. mipan, Fotolia

U.S. Federal Trade Commission imposed a penalty on the Internet giant's 22.5 million (a record fine) for the tracking of users of Safari. Google agreed to pay the said sum (in the face of their billions in profits is not a big expense), but stressed that this does not mean that the company guilty. From this perspective, can be said that they did it for "peace of mind." What Google had to rely on circumvention to protect users of Safari and track their activity on the Web. Acquired information, of course, facilitate personalization of ads, and thus, became an attractive commodity. Well, that was discovered and publicized the case, because the more it will increase its vigilance of many organs and ordinary Internet users, but you should be aware of the fact that we have in this case dealing with the tip of the iceberg … Source: CNN