Most of us barely had time to get used to the reworked, color iOS and 7, and here looming large on the release date of the next generation of Apple's mobile system. What, according to available leaks can occur in iOS 8? Which elements still need to be revised? What changes would expect from the upcoming "eight"?

iOS 8

The seventh generation system for iPhones without a doubt, was groundbreaking. In addition to a dramatic change in the interface significantly increased security features have been implemented, which for years were only available for users of Cydia, and where everything worked well, made ​​minor optimizations and minor adjustments. Despite this, Apple is not idle, and most likely in June, during the event WWDC 2014 presents all the new iOS-and eighth What can you expect from this generation? This text decided to split into two parts: the first – considering the rumors and leaks pointing to potential new iOS-and 8 – and second – which is a juxtaposition of minor changes, enhancements and bug fixes, which in my opinion should sooner or later appear in Apple's mobile system .

Part I – rumors and leaks



The network debuted two compilations screenshots allegedly depicting iOS-and eighth Both the first and second leakage presents a mysterious Healthbook application, which – according to various sources – will be designed to help users lead a healthy lifestyle.


As reported by 9to5mac, the Healthbooku to store information about the user's vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and body weight. I do not know where these data the application will be availed, but is said to be of key importance here coprocessor M7, which first appeared on the iPhone 5s. On the occasion of the exhortation of Healthbooku mention is also potentially prepared by the Apple smart watch, which also has to have a part in providing data Healthbookowi.

Touch ID and mobile payments

Touch ID on iPhone 5s

When Apple unveiled the iPhone biometric reader 5s, most of us thought that this is another gadget whose mission is to attract customers to a new handset from Cupertino. However, during the recently held conference of Apple, associated with the financial results for the first quarter of 2014, Tim Cook threw some light on the issue of the presence of Touch ID in the latest iPhone. Apple CEO confirmed that the mobile payment system was one of those items that pushed the company to introduce a fingerprint reader in your smartphone. However, as stated by the Cook – "<dziś> I have nothing to declare" and then suggested that in the future we should look out for new uses Reader Touch ID. Thus, if the new application will appear later this year, and it will support mobile payments?

Music on-demand, self-recognition system of music, iTunes Radio

Photo: Apple

Profits from the sale of songs via iTunes Store'a some time flying head over heels, while a significant increase in the popularity record music services on demand (like Deezer and Spotify). Apple seems to notice this unfavorable relationship for themselves and – as reported by Billboard, Apple company is preparing to introduce some changes in musical matters. First of all, the company is preparing to present its platform with music on demand – apparently is already discussing with the major record labels in the world. Secondly sweeping changes will affect iTunes Store'a which probably also works in lossless quality. If iTunes Radio says that the service will eventually be available to a larger number of countries (to use the iTunes Radio in Polish now, see this guide). And according to the latest rumors rozsiewanej by Bloomberg, Apple, wanting to increase the value of your Music app, apparently preparing its own music recognition system, through which, for example, using Siri, you will quickly find out what song is currently playing. This system would operate similarly to Shazama or SoundHound, but it would not be a separate application, and such part of Music.



Apple is likely to launch a new trend among manufacturers of smartphones, equipping both the next iPhone and iOS-and 8 in support for standard voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), ie the ability to make calls over LTE. With this feature the usual phone calls between two users will be even better than those run by 3G. However, implementation of such a standard in the software or the device does not mean that it will be immediately available for use – VoLTE must be running even after the mobile operator.



Although the quality of the maps presented in Apple's iOS 6 is gradually improves, only now, after the acquisition of a number of different companies and public transport maps, Maps finally become character. 9to5mac reports that the maps in iOS 8 will primarily enable routing using public transport. In addition to this is to improve cartography maps, labels more readable and faster will be seen on the map of public transport.

Questionable presence Preview and TextEdit application


We mentioned by me at the beginning of the text screen shots, we can note the presence of two new (at least for those who are not familiar with OS X) Application: Preview and TextEdit. The first Apple computer system with these programs is just peeping fast file contents, and the second is a simple text editor. According to one source of these applications also appear in iOS 8 and will serve ago to open program files Preview and TextEdit stored in iCloud. I think that is nonsense. Preview Deploying additional application just to view files stored in iCloud there is absolutely meaningless. If iOS-ie you can use the normal file manager Preview existence would be to some extent justified. And TextEdit would be another simple text editor in Apple's mobile system, and – do not forget – we have already Notes and Pages. In addition, application icons Preview and TextEdit (at least those with screenshots) did not blend in with the style of iOS 7 – were przeklejone with OS X.

No Game Center

Photo by iDownloadBlog

Again with reference to quoted screenshots – we have seen on the Game Center app icon. Various sources have reported, however, that Apple abandon it, and the main features of Game Center (achievements in games, rankings) will take over games and applications that they want to work with this platform.

Part II – fixes, improvements

While speculation described above seem to be quite real ideas to implement, it would also like to draw attention to what is still iOS-e needs to be improved, which features Apple should work out a bit. It is worth noting that most of the ideas described below can be easily corrected with tools Cydia.

More Settings folder

Folders in iOS-e work quite well, however, this function could be more extensive. First of all, could use that Apple made ​​it possible to place folders in folders. You could also change the display of their content – that instead of 9 icons display system 12, maybe even 15 items.

Convenient view of applications running in the background

In iOS 7 is amended as true view of applications running in the background, but – let's face it – the most comfortable he should not be. Some time ago, in one of the statements from the Cydia application, described GridSwitcher application which allows you to view at a time from 4 to 9 windows uruhcomionych background programs – so in my opinion it should work the aforementioned iOS application switcher 8

Hiding the application system

Many of us do not use at least some system applications, the default system offers Apple. In such a case, especially if you like to take care of the order on his home screenshot, users should have the ability to hide these items, which is not in use.

Quick reply to messages

For many years, quite popular in Cydia enjoy tools to quickly reply to incoming SMS messages, without having to launch the Messaging application. This is a feature that the iOS-e should be available as standard: responding to incoming SMS and iMessage messages should be possible without having to unlock iUrządzenia directly from the lock screen

Modification of shortcuts in the control center

The Control Center is new in iOS elapsed-e 7, the appearance of which also waited for years. And although I do not have nearly the functioning of any objections, it would be great if engineers from Cupertino let us define shortcuts to applications at our discretion – not often, after you use the stopwatch and calculator, and camera access is possible even from the lock screen.

Better management of screenshots

Along with iCloud Apple introduced the iPhone and iPad new "forum" Photos application, namely the Photo Stream. Since we committed such a step, it should also be interested in screenshots. By default, any discharge of lands in the Camera Roll, thus littering our gallery, not to mention the fact that the system automatically provides them in the Stream photos. It is unnecessary and screenshots should be stored in a completely separate album Photos application, and it should be possible to disable sharing them in iCloud.

Sync communications between devices

Notification Center in Apple's mobile system, and indeed the same form for notification of new events have been very good solved, but the Cupertino company, especially bearing in mind that users iSprzętu like to have more than one "and" should equip them with One very important function, namely the synchronization of the notification by iCloud on all used iUrządzeniach. As a result, using the iPad, for example otrzymywalibyśmy notifications of new messages from the iPhone. No pogniewałbym also, if this functionality has been extended also to OS X.

Group video calling FaceTime

Video calls through FaceTime service is really convenient, but Apple, like the Skype application could enable us to conduct this type of conversation in a larger group. This function could use in particular on iPads and Macs.

Touch ID and Siri third-party applications

Touch ID and Siri are two interesting elements that could change many a way to use the application. For now, Apple does not allow developers to implement them in their applications, but I believe that this will change soon.

Graphic Equalizer

The first thing I missed was a pretentious iPhone 3G was the equalizer (EQ) to the Music app. Although years have elapsed equalizer still does not appear, and would be a very useful feature. None of the compensation offered by Apple does not suit me, and taking into account that there are no problems with the use of an equalizer in iTunesie on PCs, I believe that this function in an undefined future will honor your presence and also iOS.


In my opinion certainly appears Healthbook, improve the maps, Siri and introduce some changes in the Music application. iOS 7 was so groundbreaking that Apple will definitely not be the case and the iOS-8 strain to surprise users, although some small news will surely arise.

Photo: Apple

Prime Minister iOS and 8 will most likely take place during the first day of WWDC 2014, which will take place on June 2. Source: 9to5mac