HTC is currently in the middle of the manufacturers of smartphones. On one hand, far removed from the bottom, which reached the RIM or Nokia, but on the other hand, the Taiwanese corporation can not make a fight with the leaders of the market, namely Apple and Samsung. However, if the rumors about new ideas, companies are confirmed, then its future state into question.

Series One was too weak idea that the HTC can compete with the best / Photo: Producer

reported recently by poor sales forecasts HTC smartphones in the third quarter of this year. And as long as these reports are confirmed by reality: HTC revenues in July decreased by 45% compared to the same period last year. One series has not helped the company return to growth, and seek other solutions. The media began to talk about 5-inch Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. Is this a good idea to confront the competition? In my opinion, not really. Samsung will soon present to the world model Galaxy Note 2 After the success of its predecessor, was to be expected of such a movement and it is fully understandable move. However, if HTC will be the only imitation, and not follow his own path and looking for innovations that could attract new customers. Samsung's footsteps already tried to follow the model LG Vu and the results were quite poor. If you decide to move like HTC, it will confirm that they have no idea on the development of its business, and rather not make the fight against market leaders. Source: