MacGyver had his famous knife, which he could and defuse the bomb, and create a makeshift glider. We are all like the hero of the cult 90s TV series Armed with smart phones can do more than a few years ago. All thanks to the fact that modern mobile phones simplify life at every turn. Today we do not need many complex devices, because many of them can replace a smartphone. Here are 5 of the most unusual.

Electronic Babysitter

YouTube Preview Image In the upbringing of the child, there comes a moment that the electronic nanny becomes necessary equipment. Whether you have a large apartment, or you push in two rooms, a child crying in the night you can not always hear it. Fortunately, the market is a whole bunch of baby monitors, consisting of transmitters and receivers – similar to a walkie-talkie – to give us the sounds of a child's room. Such devices are not cheap, but parents who want to slightly make your life easier, you can install the app on your smartphone such as Baby Monitor. To use the program, you should have a second smartphone, which will lay the baby's room and served as a transmitter. Receiver will while our smartphone, which can even be projected image cot. For proper operation, it is essential to a stable Internet connection, because smartphones operate connected to the same WiFi network. Google Play: iOS:

Spirit level

Power Bubble

On the construction rather that we miss, but in the home of smartphones spirit level should write to the medal. If you want to attach it yourself picture or television, do not have to run to the store building. Just download a special application on a smartphone, which – using existing smartphone sensors such as a gyroscope and accelerometer – quite precisely determine the position in space of the equipment. Especially useful will be here accelerometer sensor that is responsible for automatic screen orientation change when moving smartphone. Applications such as iHandy Level (iOS) or PowerBubble (Android) will align to vertical or horizontal without engagement specialist, renovation of the vials. Google Play: iOS:


Portable scanner on board your smartphone that would be something! Ba, the technology is already present on the market, thanks to applications such as Genius Scan. Its use is very easy – just take a picture of a given document, which will be automatically saved in the jpg file. or pdf. They can either send an e-mail, and make network-through services such as Dropbox or Google Docs. Probably a large, stationary multifunction devices are not endangered, but more powerful cameras mounted in smartphones allow for quite precise scanning of documents for home use. Google Play: iOS:

Remote control TV

photo manaemedia,

TV remote control is no longer needed. In electronics stores two largest manufacturers of mobile systems – Google and Android – are available for applications where the download our smartphone turns into a sophisticated remote control. In many cases, these programs are official, though, and these unofficial is quite a lot. These, in turn, often add additional functionality to the opportunities offered by quite conservative in your appearance TVs. Is it possible that one day on the couch next to us was not the pilot, and the only control your entire home cinema smartphone? It's more than likely, especially since more and more we live in a really smart homes, and control the TV using the cells is only one of the most basic possibilities that new technologies offer. Google Play: iOS:

Metal Detector

It may sound like science fiction, but the smartphone is also able to replace the metal detector. It is true that the sensitivity is not as high as the professional equipment, but it is enough to search for the lost watch or keys. Applications like "Metal Detector" using the smartphone's built-in magnetometer, which monitors changes in the magnetic field. It is through this sensor, our iPhone can function as a compass or a metal detector mentioned here. Unfortunately, these applications do not seek precious metals, so with their help millionaires tend to become. Google Play: iOS:

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