I mentioned in an earlier text that Samsung's position in the global mobile market (including the European market) is growing rapidly. To a large extent this has served to Android, which is slowly becoming a hegemon segment of mobile platforms. At present it is difficult to talk about the real threat to this platform.

In the end you will be competition for Android and iOS? / Fig. Tom Wang, Fotolia

Research firm IDC show that in the second quarter of this year, the market shares in the market for mobile Android OS exceeded the ceiling of 60% and will approach the limit of 70%. In the last quarter of the world realized 154 million smartphones, of which nearly 105 million accounted for the handset with the Google platform (this is more than 68% during the same period the previous year the figure was nearly 47%). Less than a year before Apple look like the results. While in the second Q 2011 years iOS platform occupied 18.8% of the market, whereas in the previous quarter ratio fell to 16.9%. It is still a great result, which confirms that the major role played by the mobile segment as long as only two systems, but the data may concern policy makers with the Cupertino giant. Apple will present shortly the next iPhone and smart phone has to be a hit, if a company wants to go to the counter. It should also pay attention to the situation of the other platforms. Symbian and BlackBerry OS seriously diminish in importance and are slowly becoming only the backdrop for the competition. While revenues are growing Windows Phone. It is still a niche platform, but over the years its mobile market share rose from 2.3 to 3.5% (with Windows Phone into account is here taken as the Windows Mobile). New smartphones with WP8 should improve this result and it is possible that the market will eventually strong competitor to Android and iOS. Source: IDC