About solar panels is not new. The principle is very simple – they use solar energy to produce electricity, which can power our electrical equipment. There's no denying that many of us spend most of the day at home, school or office. And where sunlight is weak, which makes solar panels are ineffective. The solution can also be panels that use of artificial light, even such as you see on film. YouTube Preview Image Obviously this is a very creative advertising products and technologies Nokia, but what if the outfit could significantly reduce? For now, no one seems to have embarked on walking the streets in the armor, but if they managed to reduce it to a much more reasonable size is actually the phone could charge virtually without interruption. This is obviously not solve the problem of the battery in smartphones, but it definitely would find many supporters. And in your opinion, manufacturers should take to develop such technology or perhaps more important is the performance and capacity of the batteries themselves? Of course, another solution is increasingly fashionable, energy saving mode in our devices highly promoted by the leading manufacturers. Source: phonearena.com