It has recently been unveiled Windows Phone 8.1 and is one of the new assistant, and so actually voice assistant, Cortana. Of course, immediately fell many comparisons to Siri from Apple, and below you can see one of them. YouTube Preview Image American actor and comedian Arsenio in your program decided to test the ability of two assistants voice and the results are very interesting. Of course, everything must be treated with a grain of salt, but we already have evidence that Cortana will be more than the impersonal voice assistant. She can also sing and joke, see for yourself. YouTube Preview Image Of course, if it is too early to say how very "human" would be Cortana, but soon to be available to Windows Phone 8.1 version for developers, and then we can themselves be convinced of this. And in your opinion the voice assistant as presented in the film have a chance to hit on our smartphones in the near future? Source: