As recently as a few days ago, the network appeared rumors about the fact that the Chinese company Oppo, responsible for creating the thinnest smartphone in the world – Oppo Finder – which measures just 6.65 mm thick, is to cooperate with U.S. giant Microsoft. While this information may seem implausible, because Oppo is not one of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices, due to the high quality and durability of the proposed equipment, the company is highly appreciated in the domestic market in China, which translates into a lot of popularity.

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For this reason, Microsoft could make the Oppo its key partner in Asia, which certainly would result in interesting handsets operating under the control reads the latest mobile platforms – Windows Phone eighth But in terms of windowing giant, this company seems to be the perfect business partner. Of course, on whether Microsoft and Oppo collaborate, sooner or later we'll know. After all, the launch of Windows Phone 8, and the first smartphones running under the control of a long wait no longer needed. At the end I'll just add that in every rumor is always a little truth. And what do you think about this? Source: newgadgets