Stealing smartphone is always – to a lesser or greater extent – a traumatic experience. Nobody likes to be pozbawianym of their personal belongings, which is without doubt one mobile phone, especially against their will. Unfortunately, the world is full of dishonest people who just are waiting for the right opportunity to appropriate the property of others. In such circumstances, the smartphone can lose anyone, regardless of social status or job. How to behave in such a situation? Is it possible to outsmart thieves?

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In view of the fact that the latest smartphones accumulate more and more of confidential data, the loss is often associated not only with the need to rebuild its own tele-address book. The smartphones are saved passwords to mailboxes, credit card numbers or address. The more familiar the profession crook all, even the smallest bits of information, will be able to use to niechybnych purposes. In addition to the stolen phone can be used to make further crimes, and in extreme cases even terrorist purposes. But you do not have to look far – if the phone is stolen us for a subscription before you react accordingly, can be made of tens, hundreds or even thousands of phone calls. This, in turn, us – subscribers – can put on even space charge.

Personal or business?

Loss smartphone is never pleasant, but most of you put a difficult, abstract choice, no doubt have devoted a thief phone business rather than private. Such reasoning is perfectly logical, given that mobile service often have a much more sophisticated ways to remotely wipe data in the event of an emergency. On the other hand, the data stored on them contractors can be used for improper purposes, which we also in no way helps.

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At the other end of the railings are private telephones on which we collect contacts coming, naskrobane the fast notes (including those containing passwords for different sites) or the private photos (often offensive). Modern smart phones with data synchronization mode enabled, make it all the time you are logged into Facebook, on Twitter, or Gmail. Getting our smartphone in sticky hands, the thief gets a tray access to our core of social interaction. And unless there is a big exaggeration to say that no one likes to be poking him in things private.

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And business phone, smartphone and private, are vulnerable to interception by the thief. Although various types of councils areas of the Web, there is no golden middle on defense against thieves. Why, one might say that the best solution is to simply not having a smartphone. But nowadays it sounds like abstraction. To minimize the risk of theft of a smartphone, avoid places and situations in which a thief will have an easier task. Particular care must be taken in public places, where next to us moved a lot of people – in the means of transport, concerts, balls, and even churches. Christmas or Day of the Dead, when we visit cemeteries and cemeteries, are some of the busiest periods for thieves. The phone can not be left unattended, even for a few seconds and flaunting of his innovation. After crossing a few steps, we can get the head, and the equipment irretrievably lose. A good idea is also discrete marking cells in a way that will leave no doubt that the copy is just ours. These principles can be extended to all electronic devices, because of stolen cameras, laptops, tablets or TVs in circulation is missing …

The magic four letters – IMEI

IMEI is something that can save our phone before the certain cashing in one of the fences. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique identification number of the mobile phone. It should be on a sticker on your smartphone, the device box and proof of purchase. But the IMEI number is also stored in the phone memory. You can check it by typing a universal, acting independently of the manufacturer and model combination * # 06 #.

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There is, however, so that the IMEI acts as a DNA left at the crime scene, which eventually lead to the perpetrator of the crime. Although it should not be, change IMEI is possible. In older models, everyone can do it alone, and the latest smartphones store IMEI number of independent locations. This makes it difficult for thieves to effective change, which is something they do before cashing the loot.
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Since 2005, change IMEI electronic device is illegal and in practice is treated as a functioning instrument of rework or modification of equipment identification mark. The law, therefore, the amended smartphone IMEI number is worth as much as a car with a pierced body area. If only you had even a vague suspicion that the smartphone that you want to buy such a consignee, could have changed the IMEI, immediately Inform the relevant authorities.

It happened – what now?

If, despite all the necessary precautions and so come to steal your smartphone, based on the behavior of cold-blooded. Panic and irrational actions are not appropriate here, especially since such a situation is not the end of the world. Regardless of how the road was missing phone, and how valuable the data we stored on it, the situation is manageable. Anyway, originally considered a stolen phone, we might as well get lost. Therefore, in the first place after the loss of a cell, you should make a call to our number. In many cases, it so happens that on the other side of the handset speaks the honest finder and the device will hit us sooner than we expect. Before you decide to finality, that is blocking the SIM card, try to locate your smartphone. Locating iPhone-enabled "Find" is very easy, provided that we have at hand other Apple hardware, and that the smartphone is connected to the network. By using this application, we can even erase data from the device, making it virtually useless. Unfortunately, thieves know this, and one of the first things that they are doing the stealing is to disable the "Find". Another fairly sophisticated software – for users of Android smartphones is Kaspersky Mobile Security, which provides similar functionality to the said application "Find".

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Once we have assured us that the smartphone has been stolen, the safest solution is to lock the SIM card. This can be done in the salon operator, via the Internet or by contacting the BOK-cs. Always are carried out by the identity verification process, so you should have your basic information and your own phone. And so it looks at the different operators: Play-SIM card lock is possible after contact with customer service * Play under 500 (from the play) or + 48 790 500 500 (other networks). Network users having smart phones with Android or Symbian, can take advantage of the Play Guard, which is more or less the same as Kaspersky or applowe Find. More information here: T-Mobile – to lock the SIM card, contact the BOK-cs under number + 48 602 900 000 or +22 413 69 96 You should ask about additional insurance for a subscription, which some time ago was included in the tariff plans customers switching to T-Mobile. For a small amount of 10 zł, we were assured that in case of theft smartphone, pay only 10% of its current value and the operator will get a new copy. Orange – SIM card can block the number * 100 (from Orange) or + 48 510 100 100 (from other networks). It is also possible to block stolen SIM website:, but to unlock it or you will take the trouble to living in Orange. Plus – number lock is possible after notification to the department customer service at number 2601 (the Plus network) or +48 601 102 601 (from other networks). Heyah – although Heyah network operator is T-Mobile Poland, to which the operator has its own emergency number, which must be reported stolen device and possibly the SIM card lock: + 48 888 022 222 Worth to note number is also called. Emergency Mapping, which will tell you about actions that should be taken in case of theft smartphone. At the Emergency Mapping You can call by dialing 703 703 303

The report to the police

Natural step, after the then locked the SIM card is reporting the theft to the appropriate authorities. It will be adopted by the police, if we prove that we were the owners of the stolen cell. During a visit to the command, you should have with you proof of purchase from an IMEI number, warranty card, and preferably the original box. So well equipped, do not leave illusions authorities that a phone that was missing was our property.

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Applications can be made at any local police station, but a matter of will deal with the police ultimately responsible for a given area. Such a declaration is usually quite time consuming – as notification of any crime to the police – you should book yourself, therefore, to a few hours. The result is a document confirming that the reported theft of a smartphone with a specific IMEI number. It is often the basis for recovery of damages for insurance or a new device in the living room operator.
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Reporting the matter to the Police in many cases it's just a formality, because the authorities and so little they can do to recover our loss. After a few weeks we get the information that "the investigation was discontinued," although there are situations in which manages to recover stolen equipment. It is assumed that since we have been robbed, it is on the day of bad luck exhausted. And after every storm the sun always comes out. This philosophy does not cost anything yet.