Mobile industry for several months living focus of the presentation the next iPhone (and probably it will take at least another few weeks – the speculation will end only a few days after the release of equipment). But there are some who do not like to gossip and speculate (at least they claim) – including The Verge their published photos of prototypes of the iPhone and the iPad, which have never been implemented.

iPhone 4S could look very different / Fig. Apple

Surely you realize that the creation of the new Apple hardware (this also applies to other companies) operates a huge staff of people and they do not pay attention only on one model. At the same time created a few products made ​​their comparisons and then makes decisions on the selection of specific hardware. Do you have a chance to look at what you do not hit the shelves and to determine whether a corporation with Cupetino went in the right direction. Watching the iPhone and the iPad concepts come to mind various associations. There are such voices that some prototypes of Apple's smartphone models are very similar to Lumia 800 and 900, or last year's models of Sony Ericsson Xperia. I must admit that something in it. Some gadgets inspire a smile, for the other one wonders how it would work. I will be brief – it's worth a look at published materials. Source: The Verge