Giant has just published a monthly statement on the Google Android mobile system. As it turns out, the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.x, recorded an increase in the period from 5 March to 2 April up by 1.3%. Is it much?

What it turns out, quite a bit. Since the emergence of the market of devices with a sandwich ice, and it was in October last year, the system gradually climbs to the top. In the January statement system worked only 0.6% of the devices. In February, a slight increase of 1%, which resulted in the Ice Cream Sandwich has already played host to1.6% of the devices. However, there was the biggest jump in March – up by 1.3%, whichallowed to obtain a share of 2.9%.

At the moment, still reigns Android 2.3.3 – 2.37 Gingerbread, which oneself comfortableat 63.2% of smartphones and tablet PCs. Even Honeycomb, which is dedicated onlytabletom has a larger share (3.3%) than the ICS, which can be installed on smartphonesand Tablet PCs.