Day Grandmother and Grandfather's Day is one of many opportunities to give their immediate to understand that they are important to us and we remember them. It's the perfect time for family gatherings, or long telephone conversation. It is worth considering whether this is also the perfect opportunity to give away as a gift in a loved one mobile phone that will not only allow for more frequent contacts, but in an emergency can save lives.

Photo by Ingo Bartussek, Shopping

But on what model to choose? What should have a phone for an older person? Or you may want to choose a smartphone that much more life more attractive than the classic candy bar? For these and other bothering questions, try to answer the rest of the entry. Also look for specific proposals on what we believe is worth paying attention to.

Long working hours is essential

One of the key components of a traditional mobile phone or smartphone is the battery, which should provide long operating time per battery charge – so that the charging action to reduce to a decent minimum, maximum use of the device. It is no secret that in this category leaders are the classic phones that continue to produce even the Finnish company Nokia.

Nokia 515 / Nokia photo

Take for example the elegant model of the Nokia 515, which according to the manufacturer provide is up to 33 days standby time, or allow an uninterrupted phone conversation by 10.4 hours in 2G mode. I must admit that the result is positive. The smartphone, in turn, energy consumption disputes affected components used – the display is larger and more powerful processor, the same time shortened. Of course, most considerate in the manufacturers realize that the link in your smartphone is the Achilles heel, which is why they try to extend the life of copyright solutions. For example, the value of the array to call Sony, which is the latest proposals armed in STAMINA mode, automatically incorporating energy-saving features.

Pentagram Monsrter X5

If you decide on a smartphone, and at the same time we want to be in touch with loved ones and not to a socket, it may be a good choice proves Pentagram Monxter X5, which in the sales package has, until two capacious batteries .

Increased resistance is important

Who does not like to spend their free time actively outdoors with young grandchildren? Therefore it is worth deciding to buy a mobile consider models with a higher standard of resistance. Keep in mind that determines the degree of protection IP signature (International Protection Rating) consists of two or even four digits. The nomenclature is penetration resistance of solids (first digit) and liquid (second).

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 / fot Samsung

present on the Polish market are some interesting proposals mobile devices of this type – and therefore without much of a problem, you can find the right smartphone or classic mobile phone, also is dedicated exclusively to senior citizens. Among smartphones note the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2, which is designed to cope with extreme ambient conditions – has a reinforced body and a waterproof housing (IP 67), so it can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes. What does our want more?

myPhone HAMMER / photo myPhone

Only for something more classic and cheaper, and then you might be interested in even the latest addition to the company myPhone – HAMMER – who is not only characterized by a higher degree of resistance, as mentioned Xcover 2, but also dual SIM card slot, but also long- working time per battery charge, making the standby mode can operate up to fifteen days.

The camera, whether panic button?

Both solutions are invaluable, but they never go hand in hand, which is why you should seriously consider before buying, of which we will be happier. If the choice fell on the alarm button, without a doubt you should look for a simple phone on the back which will be a sizable SOS button. As the name suggests, it has a predefined notify the recipient of the threat to life or health, by making a voice call or send a message. There is also the beep. This luxury feature typical phones for seniors that have been created primarily to make voice calls.

emporia ELEGANCEplus / photo producer

One of the more interesting, and smart phones for seniors, Emporia ELEGANCE is a plus, which is provided in said alarm button, clear and easy to read LED-backlit display and large buttons, making no major problems can not only enter the phone number, but also write text messages. Battery provide up to 240 minutes of talk time. If you feel adventurous and are 100-percent confident that the above described solution is not for you, or your loved ones, you might be interested in a smartphone, as it is in their manufacture implement advanced cameras that can partially replace the classic "kompaktówki "and capture memories. It is important to have a good camera aperture, because the more light enters the lens, the better quality you can get. Also pay attention to whether your model is equipped with a LED Illuminates LED or xenon lamp, which is useful when taking pictures in low light conditions. Currently on the market you can find several mobile smartphones deserve to be called photographic – the most interesting seem to Nokia Lumia 1020, Sony Xperia Z1 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 / Photo: Nokia

Nokia Lumia 1020 is a proposal working under the control of the intuitive Windows Phone 8, the interface is presented in the form of transparent tiles. Of particular note in this model deserves a 41-megapixel PureView technology and optical image stabilization (OIS), not to mention the Xenon flash and extensive photographic applications.

Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 is a proposal in which the manufacturer has used all the best in terms of photography – image sensor with a diagonal 1/2, 3 "and a resolution of 20.7 megapixels Exmor RS for mobile, as well as 27-mm wide-angle G Lens by Sony F/2.0 brightness. Above all, control is exercised by the Google Android enhanced with proprietary solutions.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom / photo producer

South Korean company decided to put together the functionality of your phone with Android on board, along with a camera, thus offering the device unique. The advantage is a 16-megapixel sensor with a diagonal 1 / 2.3 "with a 10x optical zoom lens and flash LED flash.

Eternal questioned: "Which system is better?"

On the market there are smartphones with three distinctive mobile systems – Apple's iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone 8 – and although everyone is different from each appearance, it offers similar basic functions. Which one to choose? It's a very individual thing, so before making a buying decision should first of all go to the store and spend a few minutes each to convince you to "own skin", which will be most suitable.


The best operating system for mature persons is Windows Phone because it has tiled menu (very clear), and the distribution function does not fit the adventure beginning with the smartphone uncomfortable. In second place ranks iOS proposed by the American giant of Cupertino, who recently strongly improved its closed OS, offering potential buyers even more options. The simplicity of iOS is to draw all the applications on your desktop, so you do not have to wander unfamiliar menus. At the last site ranks in Google Android, which, given its openness (can be modified), looks completely different on smartphones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei or and extensive personalization options do not always go hand in hand with intuitive operation.

A big advantage of having a smartphone is access to the app store, so we can also customize the graphical interface by downloading specific applications, and thus, further personalize your device.

Which platform is today the best solution? / Photo by Maksym Yemelyanov, Shopping

closing the mobile platform is worth noting that on the Polish market, you can also purchase a smartphone running under the supervision of the BlackBerry OS, and Firefox OS – the first one is used exclusively by the Canadian company of the same name, which is known for its physical QWERTY keyboard, the second is a relatively new platform used for low-budget proposals, which are offered under contracts for a token sum operator with the lowest monthly obligations.

Nokia Lumia 520 – a good smartphone at the beginning of

Nokia Lumia 520 / Nokia photo

Nokia Lumia 520 is a popular proposal with Windows Phone 8 – ideally suited to get started with mobile windows, cheap. The smartphone has a diagonal display with four-inch, battery, allowing them to use for two days, the processor uses two cores, and a 5-megapixel main camera with F/2.4 aperture, which in daylight is able to make a decent picture.

What should be the display?

CPUs, GPUs, RAM RAM, or this system are important components, but the most important is the display, as it is he is responsible for presenting the content. What should be characterized? Regardless of the size (more on that later) should be legible, clear, have high contrast, and depending on your preference, wide viewing angles. IPS matrices offer to 178 degrees, which means that no matter what angle we look at the screen, the image displayed will always be the same, which is undoubtedly a plus – on the other hand, we are exposed to a violation of our privacy, as moving public transportation , everyone can see what we are doing currently. More about the technology made ​​displays and their advantages and disadvantages read the article Anthony. It is worth mentioning that the traditional feature phone'y have made ​​in display TFT technology, and the diagonal is less than 2.4 "because the remainder is occupied by a traditional alphanumeric keypad. On the Polish market is also a few phone calls about the classic construction of a candy bar, where the manufacturer has chosen to use touch-screen display combined with a keyboard, making it much easier to navigate.

Nokia Asha 203 / fot Nokia

One such proposal is even Nokia Asha 203 – a simple phone with a screen 2.4 "platform based Nokia OS, which is an asset in rechargeable battery provides 3 days work without a charger. On the plus side should include compact size and weight of 90 grams. If such a matrix is too small for you, then there is nothing else to start looking for your smartphone or phabletu – in devices of this type diagonal display may occur even 6.44 ". Advantage of these devices is significantly larger workspace, but before we begin to appreciate its assets, you need to switch from a physical keyboard on the screen, and this at the very beginning may be the most difficult. worth having also in mind that the smartphone due to the different proportions are more slender than the traditional phone.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra / photo producer

phablet equipped with a truly sizable display (6.44 ") is a Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which owing to the watertight housing, and said screen has a large size, but measures just 6.5 millimeters thick. This is a typical "combine media" that will serve not only as a tool for communication, but will also comfortably watch your favorite tv series, when we are traveling.


You read a few basic criteria, which should be paid attention to when deciding on a smartphone or mobile phone, a dedicated person mature, after fifty-five years old, and the oldest Member. Keep in mind that you can not assume in advance that an elderly person can not cope with the smartphone, trying to push her ​​phone with giant buttons, which you can only call. Times change, and with them the mentality of older people, so you should take Grandma or Grandpa to the store and show the advantages and disadvantages of each type of equipment. Finally, a price – the purchase of high-end smartphone (such here also scrolled) is an expense of several thousand, and the mobile phone will cost a few hundred dollars.