You could say that phablety storm tore the technology market in the world. In total, this is due to a single manufacturer, and the unit of the company record sales records. But do we actually are they needed? In this regard, I am not entirely convinced.

At the beginning you have to ask yourself whether you really know what it is phablet, or the Polish fablet? This version also found in Wikipedia . And you know? If not, do not worry, because it's really hard to define, but …

Phablet … What's this?

It took a certain definition that specifies the type of electronic device phablet. According to me (Wikipedia agrees with me) is the equipment with touch screen with a diagonal of not less than 5 inches, but not more than 7 inches. Mostly it is a 6-inch screen – many phabletów oscillates close to this value. I've been here brings me to the first question – what phablety? Their dimension to virtually eliminate them from the point of view of transport in pockets in pants. They are suitable only to a backpack, briefcase or another. Women do not have this problem because they put equipment into the bag and the case, but most men do not need every day carry bags … Am I wrong?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / fot Samsung

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia also claims that the stylus is a sign characteristic of phabletu. According to me to no end. This type of equipment can be safely operated by the proverbial finger. The stylus is used, yes, but in tablets, and it's mostly graphics. In this type of device works perfectly – I know, I checked.

Gadget Samsung?

I heard about phabletach online at the premiere Samusnga Galaxy Note. Terribly was surprised that the Korean company decided to produce something so large, unwieldy and impractical. However, as we soon found out – completely the wrong. Galaxy Note from one day to beat sales records … And here, time for the second question .. Is phablety are the need to market and customers, or perhaps to Samsung phablet This company has long reminds me of that mass produces the same solutions under different names and models. Samsung smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard was a lot, but differed in total colored markings keys. I can actually phablet this gadget Samsung to continue to generate great financial results – well thought out and a great step of Samsung, we should add. What do you think? But the end of conspiracy theories …


Is apart from the screen with a diagonal of more than smartphone phablet has larger possibility of fun? And this is the third question. And if the answer? Well, yes and no. Functionality to a large extent it depends on the choice of operating platform. Frequently in this matter lies the biggest problem. Samsung, a pioneer phabletów, in its series of Galaxy Note has decided to Google Android and I must admit that the Korean manufacturer is a great work out. Successive generations of Note surprising new features that really useful in everyday use – even if two applications on one screen, or the ability to quickly cut graphics and copy to another location. It was not anything great, and really makes life easier …

nokia lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 / Photo: Nokia

At the moment we do not know how it will perform in this issue of Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 1520, but I rather do not expect spectacular options. I think that Microsoft really nice surprise and I'll work on its mobile platform. May! And around the corner already lurking HTC One Max and LG G Pro Lite.

For gadżeciarzy?

Who is really phablet? Who can buy it? I certainly would choose a pair of smartphone and tablet – fully enough to me to work and play. But surely there are users who anyway buy a new Galaxy Note, or Lumie 1520. Only if it is really necessary purchase? Because I can bet that it will be used as the only source of communication with friends (6 inch monster in your pocket jeans do not thank you) …

HTC One Max / photo by HTC

The majority of potential customers is perhaps gadżeciarze who just like to technological innovations. I can not imagine life without 6-inch device, or are curious to see how it performs in everyday use. My friend after 2 months of sold second-generation Note, though, I thought it made him – gadżeciarz perfect. 🙂

I write stupidity?

I'm terribly curious if anyone shares my opinion or believes otherwise? Market phabletów for me is very interesting. Is saved them is the same success as tabletom online? It is worth noting that those devices were not initially too willingly accepted. And now? Each company has its own electronic tablets, paranoia, but at the same time – money …

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