Sony Mobile is one of the most active producers in recent times, given that the network came about with the family next Xperia handset, which was caught yesterday in the tests of fitness on the popular benchmark AnTuTu. What can we expect from a mobile phone?

Sony LT25c / screenshot xperiablog

Sony LT25c smartphone is working under the control of Google Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, which will provide the computing power is likely one of the two taken into account dual-core systems with frequency of 1.5 GHz – MSM8260 or MSM8660. The latter seems more plausible, but you have to wait for further information. Coming back to AnTuTu, Sony LT25c received an overall score of 7544 which includes the sequence:
  • RAM: 1680
  • CPU integer: 2412
  • Float-point CPU: 1098
  • 2D graphics: 296
  • 3D graphics: 1255
  • Database IO: 455
  • SD card write (1.34MB / s) 13.4
  • SD card read: (21.4MB / s) 214

The test was conducted in China, which is not insignificant, given the importance that mention "c" in the symbol defines the market destination. It seems that it will debut in China only. The symbol we can conclude that the remaining technical specification is very similar to the Xperia S – LT26i, because of the hierarchy. Source: xperiablog