Manufacturers are now focusing mainly on three elements in smartphones: power, camera and display. Quite interesting of recent months are smartphones with curved screens, and probably they will reign in the near future. However, these two films, we can see that this is only the beginning of the road that pass screens in the coming years. Samsung already has some very interesting projects. YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image The first video shows some of the proposals that may be released in the future. Roughly one can say that the display can be literally anything. To realize this vision probably have to wait a long time, since, apart from technological problems seems to be a very cost solution. The second video shows the smartphone project, which would consist as a sheet of paper so that its size could vary. It would be enough to spread it more if you would like to have a larger device. And in your opinion presented in these films projects have a chance to appear on the market in the coming years, or rather it is a distant vision of the future? Source: