A week ago we published a text summarizing the year 2013 in the segment of smartphones. Since the analysis already made the last four quarters, it's time to play in the prediction of the future: what can attract our attention in 2014? Proposals are quite a few – if you do not live to see the stunning Prime Minister and technological revolution, it would not be able to complain about boredom.

Is the iPhone 6 might surprise us?

At the beginning of the iPhone – the premiere of this equipment every year has a lot of emotion, so it is difficult to expect that this time was different. Rumors about the model number 6 (Apple probably will not raged with names) appear virtually from the day of the premiere headphones 5S and 5C. It's a real festival, and if all the rumors were confirmed on the market would have to hit at least a dozen models of Apple's smartphone. This can be a problem, so it makes no sense to write about the processor or the display. YouTube Preview Image Probably a good portion of you are aware of the fact that since the release of the iPhone 4S, the opinion that Apple's smartphones are no longer surprising that ended in innovation, and the activities of the company are becoming more and more restorative. Some people even argues that the limit of the restoration work has run out of the models presented in 2013 – in the next year must be a strong blow to prove the experts, the media, competition, and most of all disappointed customers that the Cupertino giant is still in the game. iPhone 6 must dominate the competition and become a symbol of the mobile market next year. Possible? Life teaches, of course, that everything is possible, but Apple is facing a really big challenge – you have to surprise the market something fresh, or at least convince the vast majority of consumers, it is a fresh and needed a solution. Meanwhile, it is difficult to determine whether the manufacturers are there greater room for maneuver. I write "producers" because it is not only the problem of Apple – the arms race in the execution of their competition and packing equipment weight of unnecessary features hard to be considered a viable development path. Most companies (and perhaps all) collides with this problem now. Not be excluded that the next technological leap we will have to wait a bit and it will not happen in a few or even several quarters.

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Apple is a tough nut to crack, because still they are expected to fulfill the task of a leader, to surprise customers and drive business. They have become hostages of their own success and inserting into the smartphone the new processor, better display, and improving energy efficiency by 15% is not enough to make the world speechless. This does not mean that customers will disappear – people will continue to buy equipment with the Cupertino giant, even without the factor "wow". There is no doubt, however, that this factor will always be welcome.

Galaxy S5 will have a slightly

The situation is very similar to the one described before the moment: widely understood expects the smartphone market, which will shake the industry and identify new path of development. If Samsung wants to be a leader in the mobile sector, not only in terms of the number of sold handsets, but also their quality and innovation, it must clearly show that it is ready for it, it took over the baton from Apple and ahead of other manufacturers. Galaxy S4 is often hailed as a restorative, slightly souped up Galaxy S3, so expectations are high fives. YouTube Preview Image Samsung tried their best to take the title from the Apple innovator, and to a certain moment it came out. For some time become increasingly visible, however, the lack of ideas and the specific weakness of the Korean giant. Is a leader in sales, earns the billions of dollars, but not quite convincing in the role of corporations, which may be the driving force for further change. Could be seen on the occasion of product launches Galaxy and Galaxy Gear Round, the question is whether the Galaxy S5 break the streak worse and proves that Samsung may quietly look into the future?

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Sector smartphones certainly will live as other prime ministers in 2014, but there is no doubt that the greatest emphasis will be placed precisely on the flagship Apple and Samsung. It's a big challenge for both companies, and by the way pretty good chance for other players – pregnant on them much less pressure, and hence, have a greater chance of making surprises. We will see if the giants manage to come out unscathed from the clash with corporations seeking a place in the forefront rates.

Another smartphones Motorola may shake the market

Smartphones and Moto Moto X G I consider to be some of the most important products in 2013 for the mobile market. Acquired by Google Motorola Mobility seriously aroused appetites and really it seems reasonable to question whether the giant from Mountain View, go with the flow? Expanding on Motorola offers attractive, optimized smartphones at an attractive price and sprinkling her a large dose of marketing should bring the expected results. Google certainly afford to take up the challenge and has the tools to radically improve the market shares of Motorola. YouTube Preview Image The most important issue in this case will Google willingness to clash with other manufacturers, often its business partners. I have already mentioned this in a text devoted to smartphones Moto, but I repeat, because the case will clarify precisely in 2014. While the new Galaxy S or iPhone will show in what condition are Samsung and Apple, how they cope with the demand for innovation, but new smartphones Motorola (or their possible lack of) will give the answer to the question of whether Google wants to throw the gauntlet to the producers benefiting from Android.

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If a corporation decides Mountain View raise and warm atmosphere in the industry, it will lead to important changes in the whole sector – it is possible that the most important consequence of this decision will increase the interest of manufacturers other operating systems – it can speed up work on Tizen and implementation of this design, encourage players to seek a partner at Microsoft, or even other solutions that today it is difficult to specify. duo Motorola-Google definitely deserves attention in 2014.

Chinese players need a mobile system

Bold steps Google probably not causing panic among policy makers Apple, as the company uses its own system. Samsung has today a very strong position in the industry and can put pressure on the Internet giant to facilitate each activity in the sector (in addition the company is working on its own system, which is certainly not is irrelevant). But the question arises, what about the other manufacturers? Especially Chinese, constituting a growing force in the mobile market. No own recognizable mobile OS can be a major barrier to the development of a stand-alone business, which certainly will depend on the giants of the Middle Kingdom. They seem to realize that government companies, the Chinese authorities, as well as competition. YouTube Preview Image Chinese manufacturers strengthen positions on the domestic market, their actions on a global scale are becoming more visible and probably this is not interrupted in 2014. What's more, expect to increase their efforts to better results. The problem of system / operating systems (own independent), however, still be valid. The solution may be, of course, diversification: if Google starts to seriously promote the development of Motorola and Microsoft will give up the license fee, the Redmond giant platform becomes more attractive. It should however be borne in mind that there is no question of full independence from other companies.

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Sound interesting rumors regarding a possible cooperation of one of the Chinese giants (and maybe even more than one) of the corporation BlackBerry. Cooperation model seems to be not only light, but even attractive from the standpoint of both sides. Even if these rumors do not live to see the realization of it, and so you should expect some action from the Chinese companies. Maintaining the status quo is very short-sighted action.

Microsoft acquires Lumie and takes full responsibility

Threads "platform–producer" can probably finish the corporation Microsoft, which next year will close its acquisition of Nokia's largest branch. It will be easier closure of part of their project – a real challenge still ahead of them. Although smartphones with Lumia line did not sell so, how could they so wish Nokia and the company did not come through them with the financial crisis, there is no doubt that the offer was being built sensibly, and recently it has been confirmed by numerous interesting premieres. Therefore, Microsoft has gained a strong card, but do not know if he could use it. YouTube Preview Image Acquisition Lumia line is the beginning of spending effort and struggle for influence. Smartphones in the series are selling better and better, but this is not enough for further development – the Redmond giant will have to seriously invest in marketing, lower the prices of their devices with a remarkable increase their quality and performance. At the same time Microsoft drops full responsibility for the increase in market share of Windows Phone platform (in 2013 it was shared with Nokia). They are therefore more opportunities and the option to respond more quickly to market changes, but you can not forget about the other side of the coin.

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It is worth mentioning that the current situation in the mobile market favors the actions of Microsoft – if the company decides to even the abolition of the license fee, it's their mobile system can enjoy a lot of interest, and its market share will continue to grow rapidly. Potential is therefore disputes – for several quarters we will see how it uses the American giant.

Fablety still on the rise

A few years ago the concept of fabletu not exist. The first widely discussed and recognized device of this type, namely the Galaxy Note admittedly caused quite a stir in the market but lacked the opinion that it is merely a fad, and interest in large smartphones should be considered a temporary fashion. Today, one can confidently say that they were misguided assumptions – the line Galaxy Note is growing nicely (I mean, inter alia, the number of sold devices), and most manufacturers followed the Samsung (for all intents, the exception is at the forefront of Apple) . YouTube Preview Image Many users appealed to larger screens and the opportunities it provides such a solution. It's such good equipment to consume content. Much better than a smartphone screen 3.5-4 inches. At the same time, this product may be an alternative for a smaller tablet. There have been recent forecasts, which show that in 2014 sales will be more than a small tablet fabletów. This is a very likely scenario, when you take into account the interests of producers discussed segment of the market – after all, a large part of flagowców are today models with large or even very large screens.

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Year 2014 will bring us another big smartphones from Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and Chinese manufacturers. In this case, supply and demand are driving each other. Will be holding people were coming to the ear bulky equipment, and the view will cease to surprise. At the same time becomes more pronounced impact on other segments of the mobile market – in addition to the already mentioned tablets, also make changes in the smartphones.

They fablety will be mini versions

Interest fabletami (tabfonami) will increase, but they will not dominate the market. This is due to the reluctance of a large part of customers to large phones. Smartphone with 4-4.5 inch screen is the perfect solution for them and desired. At the same time, these people would often use flagship products, equipped with high-quality components, polished. Writing short: no interest disappears or top devices, but to a lesser issue. The answer to these needs to be flagship mini version. YouTube Preview Image This solution is obviously not something fresh, and the more innovative – Samsung checked them already in 2012, in 2013 the same steps done other manufacturers. Still, it was more like experiments than decisive steps which aim would be a clear division of the offer. In 2014 this may change and the flagship of the note "mini" will be hosted permanently in the industry reality. It remains, however, the question of their relationship with the flagship. I wrote a moment ago that there is no shortage of customers who are willing to buy the top model, but with a smaller display. Offer mini versions of Samsung or HTC are not reduced flagowcami – changed not only their size but also components (weaker). Another solution (flagship mini is actually smaller flagship) decided to check Sony. In 2014 probably will continue to test different options for building the offer, but in this matter the situation should begin to clarify.

Flexible screens, bent smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex – these two models will narobiły a lot of noise in 2013. Both smartphones are bent (though in different ways) and have an announcement of major changes in the mobile business. Although today, the device can be considered a triumph of form over content and the usual crank out, then discussing them, you should already look to the future. Initially he approached bent smartphones very skeptical, but eventually changed my mind and I look at it as an experiment and form of taming clients with progressive changes. YouTube Preview Image companies are not yet ready to create a very flexible devices in the next year will not see a phone that will be able to collapse or several times apply (without prejudice to its functioning). Such solutions, however, may occur over time (a considerable role to play in this process work on graphene), and customers need to be aware of. Companies obviously have an interest in such awareness – in the eyes of customers have emerged as innovative players.

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Forecasts indicate that in 2014 you will arrive bent smartphones. Probably will drop their prices increase, the availability, the game will enter the new corporations. It is possible that the script will be executed, as we know from the development segment tabfonów: curiosity turn into reality industry and big business. In the case of curved devices scale changes may be even greater, and ultimately becomes a dominant trend in the market. In the coming quarters we will see whether these changes actually ready with a large number of manufacturers and users.

Time biometric readers

Year 2013 brought us several smartphones with biometric readers. The most recognizable is certainly the iPhone 5S equipped with Touch ID, or fingerprint recognition system. The solution is to introduce comfort, increase safety, and provide a symbol of innovation. There are many indications that in 2014 the successive manufacturers (including Samsung) bring to their mobile devices and biometric readers. I intentionally did not write exclusively about the mechanisms that recognize fingerprints because it is just one option – others provide eye scan, building face or checking the user's voice. And this is not the end (in the long run even mention DNA testing). YouTube Preview Image Some believe the changes to be beneficial, because they are easier and faster hardware support – no longer need to memorize passwords, and often too many times to be confirmed – for example, enough to put your finger on the phone and the case. Quickly and safely, because everyone has a different fingerprint system. Others argue that there is no perfect security and biometric readers are very controversial idea, as you pass the device too much knowledge of your subject. The problem would be smaller, if these data have remained only on the phone – but it's difficult, despite assurances manufacturers believe that these information will not be transferred to companies and public bodies. This raises the suspicion, perhaps quite right that we are witnessing the next stage of surveillance.

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Biometric readers can cause a lot of controversy, but it does not make that manufacturers will not take them on a massive scale in their smartphones, tablets or hardware ubieralnym. Especially that in the eyes of many potential customers they appear as a symbol of modernity. We'll see what happens.

Time for your suggestions and comments – which will attract our attention in the segment of smartphones in 2014?

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