Test LG G2

In short, the LG G2 can be described like this: great screen, good battery life, top FPS performance and – finally – a very decent camera. New Korean flagship is a high-end device.

LG G2 / photo gsmManiaK.pl

could not test the smartphone thanks to our catalog on RTV Euro AGD. LG G2 can be found there in the price of 2199 gold together with case QuickWindow.

Specifications LG G2

Release Date 08.2013
Test / Review By way of
Dimensions 139 x 71 x 8.9 mm
Libra 143 g
Colours black and white
Diagonal 5.2 "
Screen Type IPS
touch screen, capacitive, multi-touch support, glass Gorilla Glass 2
Resolution 1920 x 1080 px
Processor 800 Snapdragon (Qualcomm MSM8974)
400 2.26 GHz Krait
GPUs Adreno 330
Memory in use 16/32 GB
System OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Capacity 3000 mAh
Standby time (3G)
Talk time (3G)
The main camera
Matrix 13 Mpix
Max photo resolution
Max video resolution 1 920 x 1 080 pixels, 30 frames / sec
Other autofocus, LED flash, software features, image stabilization
Front camera
Matrix 2.1 Mpix
GSM 850/900/1 800/1 900
3G 850/900/1 900/2 100
LTE 850/900/1 800/2 100/2 600
HSDPA 42 Mb / s
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA
Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP
USB microUSB 2.0, USB-OTG
NFC so
Extras Proximity Sensor
Light sensor
Digital Compass
FM Radio with RDS
The infrared sensor
Factory Set phone
user manual
cable for charging and data transfer
Warranty Card

What's in the box?

In our test set, unfortunately, ran out of the box QuickWindow, but its functionality can preview directly on the manufacturer's website. We had contact with the addition of yet at IFA and we can confirm its true utility. Apart from the above, the LG adds manual, not bad quality headphones, a decent USB cable, charger and special "pin" to open the tray on a Micro SIM card.

The abbreviation, or wideorecenzja LG G2

YouTube Preview Image

Construction / design / quality

Plastic, but a dedicated case

Describing the G2, the Western press focused on comparisons of the Galaxy S4. And that's the back cover like the plastic that "soap". Some people find this type of construction as a disadvantage, others just the opposite. For me, it's just a feature of Korean products – are lightweight and made ​​of one hundred percent of plastic. I do not mind them, however, in achieving very good sales results, while the HTC One (featuring the much better) lying in warehouses. The results speak of popularity Z1 are still to come – the latter, however, much closer to One'a than proposals giants of South Korea. Oh, everyone does their own way and look for its own customers. No wonder there is. LG G2 is a great phone, but handy, which is achieved by reducing the width of the frame around the 5.2-inch screen. Logo was moved to the bottom, where in some headphones are function keys. At first, it may confuse, but after a few hours can be used to design G2. [Nggallery id = 520 template = techmaniak] The most important element of your smartphone – from the point of view of the consumer – are located on the back of the buttons. LG says that the idea came from the natural alignment of the human hand when we phone calls. Well, the fact, the index finger lands in the vicinity of volume-up and volume-down button that lets you quickly adjust the volume. Do not be deceived, however, that in normal use, you will be able to immediately find yourself in this new arrangement. If you have of you use a normal smartphone, the more there is to talk about. Needed will be a few days to adjust, but after that everything is running smoothly now. It is difficult to give a clear view on the experiment LG – either it helps or hinders. Just think, however, the controls on the S4, iPhone or HTC. They are right – that's all. I do not find it easy talking about arguments leave fingerprints on the lens. In any other phone lens gets dirty as well. Neither the sides or at the top we find the additional buttons. Yes, the top panel is equipped with a microphone and IR port and a headphone jack bottom, but it's still quite austere design. In addition to the mini-Jack, on the bottom edge we find yet another speaker and microphone. Importantly, one-handed operation is possible. This is not the most convenient process, but writing text messages or make phone calls is achievable. We owe this not only to the thin handset (8.9 millimeter), but also the facilities program, which is widely say in the section on functionality. Covered resistant glass Gorilla Glass front panel has three more 2.1-megapixel, back-up camera, LED notification and proximity sensor. Returning for a moment to the rear of the housing; here also installed a special diode, implementing it in a silver button. White color of the lights will be issued after it is activated in the settings, and after we put the phone face down. Before the test, you asked about whether the buttons stand out from the rest of the structure, or comfortably carry a smartphone in your pants and that can easily damage the module. Subsequently answer: no, yes, no. Outline tabs button sticks out in the same way in which the S4 comes off the objective lens. Thus, the insertion of G2 even in tight jeans is not a problem, as is the sheer scope. You can sit without fear – as in the case of the Ultra I could not say. Everything is here also made in an elegant way, without unduly increasing the depth of the structure. As for the possibility of scratching the whole, it can just as easily damage sensitive components in any other flagowcu.


A real gem

5.2-inch diagonal by LG is the largest that can be put to a smartphone and at the same time enable the one-hand operation. It's true – but only if G2, where the frames are so thin as they possibly could. What is important, is not limited to the actual functionality and does not interfere with use. It would, however, add a solution present in the iOS-ie, where the device detects inactive finger on the screen and it will ignore it, here it works partially. The equipment is based on a matrix True HD IPS, featured by excellent detail owes its resolution 1920 x 1080 (density of 424 pixels per inch).

LG G2 / photo gsmManiaK.pl

This screen class, representing all that is in the world of technology best. In contrast to the Galaxy S4, color reproduction is the perfect level, keeping one hundred percent natural. Samsung's case shows a clear deviation in the direction of green and saturation characteristics. G2 also compared with the iPhone 4S, which until now I thought was ideal in terms of white balance – a panel on the smartphone Apple seemed to me far too warm after a long association with the Korean flagship.

LG G2 - viewing angle / photo gsmManiaK.pl

The contrast is at a satisfactory level, with a rate similar to other high-end smartphones. Viewing angles are typical IPS matrix – so they are, in short, perfect.

LG G2 - minimum and maximum brightness / photo gsmManiaK.pl

screen brightness range is another advantage G2, as the smartphone is able to operate from 8 cd/m2 backlight, which provides a comfortable reading at night, up to 451 cd/m2, which allows him to stand head to head with the rest of the flagowców.


A huge plus for LG

The introduction of cells with a capacity of 3000 mAh with this screen is a must, but achieved running times suggest that the manufacturer is also making sure that the current management of the program. G2 achieves excellent results because, at the forefront of all flagship models. Lithium-polymer battery is not interchangeable, the user can not remove the back flap. In our tests of strength, carried out with the setting display for brightness 120 cd/m2, proved that the LG G2 camera is definitely worth attention. This will allow for almost 13 hours watching movies, 22 hours of talk time and finally almost seven hours of continuous surfing the web. After a busy day, which started in – say – about eight in the morning, in the evening your G2 should indicate approximately 20-30 percent of the remaining capacity. As per today's standards is a good result. [Test slug = "battery" virtual = "interview, video-wifi-off, internet-3g-wifi internet, instant messaging-wifi, load-ac" product_id = "19260"] Manufacturer of battery design is particularly proud of, as it It is perfectly adapted to the housing. Thus, the LG does not leave in the middle of an ounce smartphone space, filling the whole battery.

The camera and filming

LG does not endorse the camera as hard as its direct competitors

LG G2 is the third in terms of "the intensity of the promotion" imaging smartphone. The most visible in the media and on the banners is because Lumia 1020, occupies the next position Xperia Z1. LG in our country was limited to memories of stability and good matrix – a pity, because in the Western markets dominated this clip:

LG G2 / photo gsmManiaK.pl

LG G2 is the third in terms of "the intensity of the promotion" imaging smartphone. The most visible in the media and on the banners is because Lumia 1020, occupies the next position Xperia Z1. LG in our country was limited to memories of stability and good matrix – a pity, because in the Western markets dominated this clip: YouTube Preview Image Like Lumia and Xperia, the LG G2 also comes with the responsibility for the shutter. This, however, operates on the principle similar to that of the iPhone, when you run the camera application takes over the role of the mute button. We will not see a dedicated button, much less two-step. This stems largely from the structural assumptions that guided the designers of LG. The smartphone has been slimmed down to the limit, which was znowuż achievable by moving the buttons on the rear panel. Thus, the index finger we do not have the trigger (as in the Xperia and Nokia), and only empty space. In practice, the use of the "down arrow" is unrealistic. Does not allow for a stable grip the phone, it's just uncomfortable, the only way to release the shutter control is displayed on the screen. That button is however another important function – long press will activate the camera even from a locked screen.

Matrix / optics / quality of photos

G2 does not boast of the size of the matrix, a CMOS sensor with a diagonal 1/3 inch (4.8 mm x 3.6 mm) and a resolution of 13 megapixels. Plus goes to LG for the use of technology BSI (Back-Side Illumination), which involves the transfer of all the electronics for the sensor. Thus, the images are of better quality, less noisy, unlike the traditional system FSI, where the system is in front of the photosensitive element. LG does not select physical capacity matrix, i, is, and that's all. This is where I wanted to highlight one thing – other smartphones are promoted several times more intense than the revolution was introduced in the sensor. Lumia 1020 uses the "real" PureView technology, using the 41 megapixel camera and placing it in a 5-megapixel photos. Sony, the Xperia Z1, did a similar thing, which you can read more widely here. The G2 has a traditional sensor does not use the so-called opportunities. Oversampling. This does not change the most important – the images are rich in detail, of course, when we have to deal with the exposed stage respectively. In short, in this respect, G2 is closest to the new iPhone 5S ('five' was even lower diagonal matrix with 1/3, 2 "), but here the same pixels are smaller due to the higher resolution. 13 megapixels means that the diameter of a single pixel is 1.3 microns. Optics in G2 features a 29 millimeter focal length (equivalent to the size małoobrazkowego) and brightness f / 2,4.

Optical image stabilization

As one of the few Android phones, the LG G2 boasts true optical stabilization. Before I get into specifics, I remember a campaign set up a chicken. Hen explains it much better than I do. Importantly, the G2 OIS actually works – it's not a marketing ploy or another kind of "dead" feature. Sure, ISO, and so must be the more demanding scenes lifted, but shooting at dusk or in a dimly lit room is the most feasible and without drastic windowania ISO, and without activating the LEDs. More from the phone may not be required.

Close-up – unfortunately only digital

Unless you invest in the Galaxy S4 Zoom or its equivalent, the optical zoom will not find a smartphone. So what is it with the LG G2, where zooming takes place in an artificial way, because in the world of sheer crop the original file. Good quality optics and image stabilization will, however, read the details in the image, as evidenced by the photos below. LG G2 - sample #13 Without approximation LG G2 - sample #30, zoom cyfrowy Digital Zoom

ISO Test

LG G2 has to offer sensitivity in the range of 100 to 800 ISO, regardless of which file is selected resolution. In this test, it falls pretty good, the details are visible to end-scale value. On the plus side it deserves the same opportunity to choose their preferred settings.

LG G2 - Test ISO / photo fotoManiaK.pl


The G2 will not find a "real", xenon flash. Smartphone features LED – like the Xperia Z1 – which aims Headlights scene. But, you know, it's not a flash known compact cameras and SLRs. The LED will flash for a split second, but will not be able to effectively freeze fast motion. For shooting stationary subjects but perfectly suitable. LG G2 - sample #7, lampa wyłączona image with no lights – night scene LG G2 - sample #6, lampa włączona Photo of the lamp – a night scene LG G2 - sample #8 picture without flash, night, ambient light LG G2 - sample #9 picture without flash, night, ambient light

Built-in applications

LG goes for originality? Well, yes and no

One of the first features, for which you will come across looking for information about the camera in the G2 will be Dual Camera and Dual Recording – the first is responsible for the images, the second for a movie. This idea, in a sense borrowed from Samsung, allowing you to save an image from the camera main and sub in one picture. The window you can freely move, zoom in and keep his position. In short – it looks like this: LG G2 - sample #11, tryb podwójnego zdjęcia In addition, LG also took care of the presence of the HDR mode or "Beautification", which allows you to quickly remove unwanted objects from the background. LG G2 - sample #31, scena do zoomu i HDR Without HDR LG G2 - sample #29, HDR HDR will find a panoramic two modes – one classic, designed for the rapid registration of images. The second is more complex and requires more effort, but still auto … and allows you to construct a 360-degree panorama, which is as follows: LG G2 - sample #10, panorama G2 can also register and undergo continuous shooting mode "Retouch", designed to automatically remove imperfections visible on the skin. The degree of interference going even before saving the frame, I would advise to use a maximum, since your grandmother would then look out of 80 and a maximum of 30 years. Her wrinkles disappear. All of them. Catch Shot Time is to save a few / several photos in seconds, with which the user can choose the best, most relevant to their needs. Just pick your preferred frame and this will go on the memory device.

Manual Settings

The G2 can modify certain elements of the exhibition itself. For example, there is the option to change the ISO sensitivity (as I mentioned above) and indicate the correct temperature. That's it – the rest of the functionality of the settings apply to resize the image, the imposition of a color effect, activate the self-timer or a variety of settings related to the way the shutter is released. There is also the option to activate the voice command, after which the smartphone takes the picture.

Image processing

Flipping through the photos in the gallery you selected to edit. After selecting the appropriate item from the pop-up menu, you will see the sight of a few simple tools with which the crop the frame, nałożysz the effect of the filter, rotate, improve your red eyes, straighten, add a vignette, etc.. This is not particularly developed application, and therefore it would be better to download more advanced software from Google store – I recommend especially Snapseed and Pixlr Express .

LG G2 – sample pictures

LG G2 - sample #28 LG G2 - sample #1
LG G2 - sample #2 LG G2 - sample #3
LG G2 - sample #4 LG G2 - sample #5

Recording movies

G2 can record clips in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) at up to 60 frames per second. Keep in mind, however, that this kind of files they weigh far more than the other option – so classic 30 frames per second. Regardless of the mode we get a great picture quality, with a fairly subtle tonal gradations, the correct representation of motion and color. And if you will use this optical stabilization, we get the equipment actually worthy of being called a smartphone filmującego. There's also the option Audio Zoom, which activate the close up on the, filmed the current object. In this way, the processor smartphone will focus on isolating the sound generated by appealing to our subject – whether it's voice or melody. Meanwhile – look at the examples. Film saved at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames / s Sunny day, natural light, time afternoons. Video recorded at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames / s Sunny day, natural light, time afternoons. Video recorded at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames / s Terms tough – artificial light and movement. Video recorded at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames / s Terms tough – artificial light and movement. Video recorded at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames / s Sunny day, natural light, around noon.

Call quality

Smartphone as a smartphone – it's hard to be picky

The sound generated by G2 headset speaker is clean and properly loud – just enough to allow you to effortlessly carry on a conversation on a crowded, busy street. As with most modern phones, get there two microphones, one of which operates as an active denoising. Interesting fact: there is also a third microphone, but this will be used in one of these films feature below. G2 also has to offer a useful speakerphone, although the volume of the speaker does not go beyond the standard (76 dB). Smartphone holds back, as the index finger lands immediately around the volume buttons. In this way we do not have to blindly look for buttons and hope for the miraculous increase or decrease the volume. Specific placement also improves noticeably firm grip.

LG G2 - dialer dialer with keyboard in one hand and a book contact / photo gsmManiaK.pl

Applications dialer, call log and contacts is designed in the traditional way. Do not differ notably from other similar solutions, but the ability to quickly transfer less the numeric keypad on one side or the other supports one-handed operation.


Snapdragon 800 will provide power for the period

Performance guaranteed by the new system Qualcomm (MSM8974) is now the starting point for all the top phones. Snapdragon 800 with 4-core Krait 400, Adreno 330 graphics and 2GB of RAM is fantastically fast, powerful unit that its owner will ensure supply of computing power for many, many coming months. G2 obtained in synthetic tests results very similar to those that appeared on the occasion of testing Xperia Xperia Z1 or the Ultra. It is not surprising, as the technical specifications of the available components is virtually no difference. More than 30 thousand. points in AnTuTu, the need to run 3DMark versions Extreme and Unlimited, 20891 points Quadrancie Pro and smooth animation in tests GFXBench is sufficient evidence in support of these too. LG G2 is one of the fastest smartphones on the market – from the performance is well prepared for the next year. Whatever other manufacturers would not show, G2 will be able to defend himself. If you plan to use the G2 with Chrome, then you can go ahead and install this browser. It should indeed worse than stockowy program, but still conjure up a quick and comfortable surfing the web. From the media, G2 can not be anything (almost) blew me away. Thanks Snapdragonowi 800 smartphone can even play back smoothly in the quality of 4K, the Full HD not to mention. The only problem is encoded in DTS sound, the phone apparently does not support this codec. [Wptab title = "Browser and System"] 1 Browser Tests Tests smartphone performance for browsing the web. [Test slug = "peacekeeper" virtual = "peacekeeper-chrome" product_id = "19260"] [test slug = "SunSpider" virtual = "SunSpider-chrome" product_id = "19260"] [test slug = "kraken" virtual = " kraken-chrome "product_id =" 19260 "] 2 Synthetic tests Tests of the system overall performance of your smartphone. [Test slug = "quadrant" product_id = "19260"] [test slug = "android-antutu" virtual = "antutu-total" product_id = "19260"] [test slug = "gfxbench-fill" product_id = "19260"] [/ wptab] [wptab title = "Graphics and Media"] 3 Synthetic tests of the system (graphics) performance testing is a mobile with an emphasis on 3D graphics. No result in two segments 3DMark (normal and extreme) in this case means exceeding the scale of the test. [Test slug = "gfxbench-fps" product_id = "19260"] [test slug = "3dmark" product_id = "19260"] [test slug = "an3dbenchxl" product_id = "19260"] 4 Multimedia Playback Test playback of the popular multimedia formats in applications MX Player (with latest codec pack). – MKV, 480p, xvid, 1mbps, he aac, subtitles, – mkv, 720p, h264, 600kbps, aac / mp3 audio dual; – MP4, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, aac, – mkv, 720p, h264, 3Mbps, vorbis , subtitles, – MP4, 720p, h264, 6Mbps, ac3, – MKV, 1080p, h264, 10Mbps, dts (smooth image, lack of support for DTS) – MKV, 1080p, h264, 40Mbps; – mp4, 4K (3840×2160) , h264, 34mbps (H / W klatkuje, S / W with artifacts) – mp4, 4K (4096×1716), h264, aac, 35Mbps. [/ Wptab] [wptab_end]

Software / functionality

Million functions, most of which is surprisingly useful

LG G2 - home screen and menu / photo gsmManiaK.pl

G2 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, being able to boast its own, extensive overlay. Basically here is the option which does not measure, from a variety of animation unlocking the screen, and ending with the dedicated application of the "Q" in their name. In a moment we will look at them more closely. LG took care of redesigning the interface from the original, pure Android. The company did so, moreover, in a characteristic way, introducing the mass skeuomorfizmu, intense, candy colors and animated transitions. Aesthetics or heats or chills, in practice, however, works quite well. More important than appearance, which LG is clearly not a priority, it is the way in which the smartphone operates. A working perfectly. Workflow is one thing, utility preinstalled applications is another. In both cases, LG did extremely well.
Mode is a good idea so that no-surprise it elsewhere

One of the most promoted by the manufacturer of the function is a mode through which we can share the phone to a friend without worrying about their own data. Sami we choose options from which that person can use – be it games, browser, video player. You only need to specify a separate unlock code for normal mode and a mode that instantly connects these two options in one and allows you to forget about każdorazowych configurations. This is a great solution for making the kids, especially the younger ones, which tend to run several (dozen?) Applications at the same time. In this auction, and bank.

Mini-applications on the rise

LG G2 - mini-applications / photo gsmManiaK.pl

The second thing is QSlide applications, the multi-tasking by LG. A similar solution we've seen in Samsungu, we also saw a more advanced Xperiach. They allow you to run several programs that you can use at the same time – be it from a web browser or mobile, notes, e-mail, calendar … a lot of it. Koreans have implemented in each window transparency slider. If you decide to use it, the application will remain "on top", but it does not touch interaction – as opposed to the application of zero transparency. This function, demonstrate the movie. The next thing is traditional for LG Quick Memo, or dump the option screen with hand-drawn note.

"Tap" in me!

Since the transfer of the buttons on the back panel may seem extravagant to some, LG has implemented in G2 KnockON feature – possibility to wake smartphone double tap on the glass comes in handy more often than you think. This is not a unique function; similar solution introduced in Iconii Acer A1-810. LG also developed a browser, making it the function to capture dump the whole page instead of just what is currently visible on the screen. The area can also be cut – either immediately or later.

Alternative management of open applications

Aside Slide is another approach to multitasking – but quite different from the ideas that we have seen so far. Each of Android has access to recently open applications by pressing the appropriate button, then appear on the screen just used programs. Aside Slide role is, however, allow the transfer of the currently open windows on the side, with three fingers. At any time you can restore the application – just the opposite gesture, or "pull" window behind the screen. It's even more interesting that requires the use of more than two fingers, which to date have not had widespread use in smartphones.

For lovers of memoirs

LG G2 - Life Square and translator / photo gsmManiaK.pl

A specific interest is the Life Square, the "diary of your life." According to the manufacturer, the application has to collect and store information, including messages and call logs, photos, videos, voice recordings and publications on social networks. It's even more interesting that actually allows you to instantly recall the events of the previous day. QuickRemote task is to use the built-in infrared port, through which you can get quick and easy way to control the TV and various other equipment associated with the home theater. Besides, we find in the G2 even FM radio, app backup, the program to update the smartphone in OTA mode, Notepad application, Voice Mate (equivalent to Siri and S Voice) and an interesting program to translate to-date individual phrases or whole sentences – even those in the text. With the built-in camera smartphone recognizes individual letters and puts them together.

Sensitive, stable Wi-Fi

NIC operates in 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and has a particular sensitivity to offer you the support of three test scenarios carried out by us on the occasion of each test, smartphone or tablet. [Test slug = "wifi-phone" axis = "negative" product_id = "19260"] G2 also enriched 2G/3G/LTE connectivity, support for Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, NFC is here too, great working GPS (A- GPS and GLONASS), and exceptionally friendly USB OTG mode. The smartphone does not have problems with the diagnosis of FAT32 formatted USB sticks, mice, hubs that active and passive or external drives with their own power supply. The problem arises only when the NTFS format. Worth noting is optional Plug & Pop, which will show the currently connected device. For example, after plugging in flash memory, USB cable, headphones or bottom of the screen will be an icon, and the opportunity to take some action – this solution very reminiscent of the features found in the Windows desktop. LG are also congratulated for showing a simple notification when the phone is not compatible with the file system. I definitely made it easier to test procedures, as there had thrice make sure that NTFS is definitely not supported.

LG G2 - information about the system and memory / photo gsmManiaK.pl

copy supplied to me by RTV Euro AGD is equipped with 16 GB of memory, of which the user is equally 10,62 GB – the rest is system and pre-installed applications. Look in vain here, microSD card slot, LG has not implemented the storage expansion options.

Summary / evaluation / review

G2 can compete with any flagship

The case is exactly as advertised in the latest LG. Large screen with good brightness and excellent color fidelity and powerful computing power, good camera with a powerful optical stabilization, light (and plastic) design, useful accessories, and a variety of interesting applications preinstalled LG G2 will make the desired product. An additional advantage is the relatively small price – range from 1800 to 2200 gold is cost effective, especially when compared with other flagship smartphones. Sure, it's still a lot of money, but a few hundred dollars difference while maintaining the same quality of performance at the Galaxy S4 (the date of release of the latter) is a nice, unexpected touch.

LG G2 / photo gsmManiaK.pl

LG has set a modest innovation in moving the buttons on the back panel, it works pretty well, although it takes some time to get used to. What is most important – it is impossible to point out any serious niedoróbkę G2. [temperature] DESIGN / QUALITY | 4.0 | DISPLAY | 5.0 | OUTPUT POWER | 4.0 | Camera | 4.75 | CAPACITY | 5.0 | SOFTWARE / FUNCTIONALITY | 4.75 [/ temperature]
  • amazing performance,
  • perfect display of Full HD
  • animations by plugging in any accessory,
  • Wi-Fi as a standard AC
  • nice cap,
  • plethora of useful applications,
  • great camera,
  • High efficiency power supply,
  • buttons on the back of news programming completed,
  • No slot for microSD card
  • lack of support for NTFS USB OTG
  • some may not appeal to plastic construction.

Distinction editorial techManiaK.pl

Phone deserves our opinion, the award "Editor's Choice".

Answer questions from readers

Nazir: How much bother navigation button? Is it convenient if you carry your phone in your pocket Yes and yes. Do not interfere with anything, and get used to it in just a few hours / days. Kurcjusz: When you use the phone no frames does not affect the unplanned response to touch your hands do not. It's okay. Mat: As the strength of the back and the front panel? Do you do without additional film / covers?'ll Say this – the phone without a cover can not be any scratches. Here, at least you get QuickWindow, which is actually a nice option. Mat: As a visual screen in daylight? Very good. Brightness is at a high level, and in addition we have a pretty effective anti-reflective coating. Plissacz: If I wgramy about 100 applications and games to your phone not to crash, lagował do not. It works as it should. Sudione: Can you use it while wearing gloves? Yes, but I did not check the ski. ;) Sudione: What is the volume and quality of the speaker? Between 70 and 76 dB. Standard quality. Sudione: How fast catching "fixa" on a GPS? Without data transfer takes a few seconds, but the case noticeably improves the A-GPS – then it's about 10-12 seconds. Sudione: Is the battery replaceable? No. Adam: What is the quality of the music playback? derogations from the standards have not noticed. Describe the quality as good (in the case of MP3 files). Wingerman: Is there problems with the remote control mode? Is the video on TVs from other manufacturers is supported? Nothing, IR LED, and the application does the job. The sharing of image I had no way to check.

Alternative proposal

Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first phone that everyone will come to mind as a potential competitor to the LG G2. It is this group also include the HTC One.

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