Phone Windows from version to version becomes more advanced operating system. However, there will always be a feature that many users uradowałaby implementation. His wishful thinking associated with the platform Microsotu decided to present one video Christian Del Rosario. See his idea for a Windows Phone'a 8.1 or even 9.0. YouTube Preview Image Author concept would equip the platform in Microsoft's support 1080p and 4K so you could also make more sizes of tiles, and this would affect the comfort of the system. In addition, the new settings would appear clustering applications, Bing would have to search not only the Web, but also a system, added that the new gestures for navigation platform, tiles would become more interactive and there would be a possibility of using the split screen. To improved access to applications running in the background, and there would be a function of QuickLaunch. The activity of these other ideas you will become familiar through the following video's present What do you think of this kind of concept? Dodalibyście something back?