The latest information shows that Ubuntu Phone OS will debut in the next few weeks, or more precisely specifying October 17 this year, but it will only work on devices with nexus logo on the cover and that's not all.

Ubuntu Phone OS / photo page of Ubuntu

The final version of Ubuntu Phone OS will settle only on the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10. The first smartphones running on board we can expect no earlier than next year, though Canonical has not specified any time frame, in which case concerned has no choice but to wait, or buy one of the above devices. On Ubuntu EDGE, rather we can not expect, as stated Antek. YouTube Preview Image

Ubuntu Phone OS oparty na Linuksie to system operacyjny zoptymalizowany dla telefonów z ekranem dotykowym. Niestety nie będą na nim działać aplikacje z desktopowej wersji systemu (przynajmniej na samym początku). System posiada jednak interfejs graficzny bardzo podobny do Unity UI, znanego z systemu Ubuntu obecnego na komputerach czy też tabletach. System operacyjny jest open source i jest przeznaczony do uruchamiania aplikacji napisanych w HTML5 lub QML.

Ubuntu Phone OS [/ Related] In the final stage of smartphones running Ubuntu Phone OS will be able to function as a standard PC. It will be possible to connect a mouse, keyboard and monitor, and running the software reserved for the desktop version. Source: Ubergizmo