For some time, said to be the successor of iPhone 5 will debut not only in black and white color version, but also gold. Today, this rumor is confirmed another source, as well as more photos surfaced of a potential gold-and 5S.

"Yes, it will be gold iPhone. Such at least rumors from various sources I hear from a few weeks, and leakage components only confirm this. Firstly, I can not imagine that Apple broke the tradition of choosing between the black and white version of their flagship. Gold just seemed be too flashy, perhaps even tacky. Over time, the realized and now, after verification of all this, I'm sure it will be gold, "said MG Siegler of TechCrunch.

It is said, however, that Apple does not expose himself to ridicule and not give users toys, from which the light will be reflected for a few kilometers. In early August, Anthony wrote that the next iPhone will be in color … champagne. This is also confirmed by all subsequent leaks, and certainly the image. This color version will have to convince the user mainly from China, where gold color electronic equipment is quite popular. Gold iPhone would be similar to the device presented below. It does not look like the worst, but far instead of the white-and-gold prefer black and gold. And still it would be an exaggeration.

Imora photo

Release Date iPhone 5S will most likely be held in September, it is possible that the 10th Source: iClarified