ZTE, one of the largest companies involved in supplying products for telecommunications, which recorded significant success in Poland, along with the launch of the ZTE Blade, planning their production processors. The exact specification is not yet known, but there are plans to construct a unit ZTE's LTE network operator, which proved to be problematic even for Samsung.

ZTE reveals big ambitions with respect to LTE. / Photo. androidauthority.com

The reason why the giant measures can be so high, of course, the desire to become independent from external suppliers, and with greater flexibility in the design of new products. Consequently, the manufacturer could offer a much cheaper, more innovative device that could conquer the mobile market with mid-range . It should be noted that this is certainly a very bold step, for which they must be relevant themes. Apparently ready system would be presented at the PT / Expo Comm China 2013, which will take place on September 24. If everything would have worked, ZTE dołączyłoby to three companies currently using copyright processors: Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Maybe there is a chance that it will increase the popularity of this brand in our country, which really count. The former ZTE Blade, which I had the opportunity to use, it was very interesting alternative and one of the few used the pure Android. Source: androidauthority.com