Recently, we are witnessing the beginning of the revolution in the market of mobile processors, namely the observed bloom 8-core mobile processor. The subject is, however, very sensitive and if some people think that we really need such processors, whereas others deride the idea completely. The latter group includes, among others, giant Qualcomm processor.


In an interview with the editors of Taiwanese Chandrasekher, vice president of Qualcomm, the engineer said that his company would not be was doing such a "stupid":
You can not get it together eight engines from lawn mowers and convince others that you have eight-cylinder Ferrari.

Qualcomm, instead of dealing with "folding cores together" wants to focus on developing good chips that primarily will be profitable and will focus on extending battery life. Recall that both recently MediaTek and Samsung presented 8-core, with the difference that the second unit can not work at the same time all the cores. Do you really have need of such technology? Is it not possible to focus on improving the four-rdzeniowców, and above all, take care of energy facilities, and only then take part in the race on the number of cores? Source: ITWorld