Organization ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) decided to see how the issue of user satisfaction with their phones. As it turned out, the most satisfied with their toys turned out to be the holders of not iPhones, but Samsung's smartphones.


In the list of 10 smartphones that users are satisfied most top places were taken by SGS III (84 out of 100 points), Note II (84 points) and iPhone 5 (82 points). The study was conducted on American users, and hard to tell what exactly it was taken into account. The respondents satisfied with the Galaxy S III and the Note can human II indicated that especially appreciate these devices for large screens and at reasonable prices which are sold. TOP 10 list did not find the Galaxy S4, since the study was completed just before its official release. The refresh waiting for the iPhones, because we expect the two new models. I wonder how the results would look if ACSI survey conducted in November and December of this year. Source: Forbes